‘Shamed by our country’ GB News guest blasts Home Office over handling of refugees
9th April 2022

Ukraine: Nina Myskow discusses UK’s response to refugees

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Appearing on GB News today, journalist Nina Myskow remarked that the public has been “shamed by our country” over its response to the refugee crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Speaking to GB News’ Esther McVey and Philip Davies, Nina stated people’s generosity towards refugees had been “impeded” by the Home Office, which has left people “humiliated and shamed” as a result.

As she talked through the latest headlines, Nina explained: “The thing is, whatever you discuss you cannot ignore the Ukraine situation – that consumes us all, it consumes every news programme.

“You can’t watch it without being completely obsessed with it or traumatised by it.

“People have been sitting there in front of their tellies, saying ‘what can we do, what can we do, what can we do’, and when the Homes for Refugees scheme was announced… I mean the British people are wonderful.

“They are so generous, within days, 100,000 people were offering their homes and now it’s up to 200,000,” she added.

The journalist went on: “But the problem is that the Home Office has actually impeded this wonderful generosity.

“These are people fleeing from a warzone, they’ve lost their homes, their families, their lives, their country – everything, they’re traumatised.

“These are women and children – the husbands, the partners are fighting.

“They don’t know if they’re going to see them again or if they’re going to see their country again.

“What possible threat can these people pose to our country?” she questioned.

Nina continued: “And yet, there are these horrendous stories coming out of people waiting four weeks in Poland…

“They cannot, somehow, get through the visa system. There’s an interesting thing in The Times today which says ‘it’s control versus compassion’.

“And we are humiliated and shamed, I feel, by our country’s lack of response.

“And the shambles – the Home Office is completely shambolic,” she finished.

“I can sympathise with this, Nina,” Philip replied. “I think there should be some security checks on people coming into the country.

“Because I think if we didn’t have security checks, those people coming over would be Russian intelligence security, it would infiltrate-“

Nina cut in to point out: “There’s women and children, Philip.”

“I know, women can be part of the Russian security service,” he responded.

“So I think they might infiltrate us so I think we have to have security checks.

“But I’m absolutely with you, the process is taking far too long and we’ve got lots of constituents who have offered up their homes. They’ve been very generous. And the process has been absolutely shambolic and torturous.”  

Nina later argued: “I wonder how long Priti Patel can go on in her job, because this is another shambolic situation and the Home Office to me seems an unprofessional organisation.

“We don’t seem able to step up to the plate in any way at all.”

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