‘Sex/Life’ Star Adam Demos Opens Up About the Ugly Reality of Filming Sex Scenes
8th July 2021

During a new interview, the 36-year-old Australian actor explains, ‘It’s not, I mean, hopefully it looks convincing, but it’s so mechanical, it’s ridiculous.’

AceShowbiz -“Sex/Life” is what everyone is talking about nowadays. While many find the Netflix series hot, actor Adam Demos revealed in a new interview that the behind-the-scenes process was actually not as sexy as what the series shows.

During his appearance on “The Kyle & Jackie O Show”, the 36-year-old Australian actor said, “It’s not, I mean, hopefully it looks convincing, but it’s so mechanical, it’s ridiculous.” The Brad Simon depicter continued, “People ask if you get carried away, but you’ve got sound guys and cameramen right around you with the big beards. That’s a bit of a turn off.”

The actor also shared that his co-stars were not naked while filming the sex scenes. “No, not at all,” Adam explained. “It’s a closed set, but you’ve got modesty… I look like a Ken doll, which is embarrassing.”

Despite that, Adam previously said that he was “OK” with being nude onscreen because he knew what he was getting into from the moment he read the script. “That doesn’t mean you can’t have discussions about comfort level, which they allowed us to have–and with the intimacy coordinator, so it felt a lot safer,” he claimed.

Prior to this, “Sex/Life” creator Stacy Rukeyser revealed that there was no body double used on the series. “I mean, people usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic?” Stacy claimed. “And I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it, which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination.”

Of “Sex/Life”, which premiered on June 25 on the streaming service, Netflix describes, “A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.”

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