Sex Education fans furiously slam ‘forgettable’ finale but praise storyline
22nd September 2023

Sex Education: Trailer for final season of hit show

The bells at Mooredale High have rung for the final time as Sex Education comes to an end with its last ever season.

The hit Netflix comedy-drama premiered its fourth and final season on September 21 – giving fans the challenging task of waving goodbye to their favourite group of socially awkward teens.

Season four follows the gang as they conquer their latest challenge of meeting new classmates at their fancy, inclusive new school – after Mooredale High was closed down.

The new kids on the block find themselves a new set of friends who call themselves “the Coven,” a group of LGBTQ students who claim they are a source of positivity.

As Otis (played by Asa Butterfield) and the rest of the ex-Mooredale students grow closer to the Coven they end up discovering new things about themselves along the way, which later feeds into the storyline through season four.

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As fans may remember from the season three finale, Maeve (Emma Mackey) headed stateside to study at a special writing program at Wallace University but sadly learns her mother has overdosed and is in serious condition and is therefore forced to come home.

By the time she lands in England and arrives at the hospital, her mother has died.

Naturally, all her beloved friends come together to help Maeve arrange a beautiful funeral, and despite having second thoughts about returning to the program, she decides to leave her old life behind once and for all.

This leaves the question of what was happening between Otis and Maeve, who have been trying to make their relationship work throughout the entirety of the show’s four seasons.

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Unfortunately, the unlikely duo do not have the happy ending that every fan hoped and dreamed of.

However, Otis and Maeve end their relationship knowing that they are growing in different directions.

Maeve realised she needed to go back to her writing program in the US and pursue her dream of becoming an author, which she explained in a handwritten letter to Otis, while Otis needed to stay closer to home to be there for his mother (Gillian Anderson) who was dealing with post-natal depression after welcoming his little sister, Joy.

It appears this rather bitter-sweet ending has not sat well with fans – who have stormed to X (formally Twitter) to vent their upset.

One infuriated fan @aftersunfilm penned: “Sex Education finale was kinda lame and unsatisfying just gonna pretend the show ended at season 2.”

Another user @obrienvm24 said: “So #SexEducation final season was kind of disappointing but at least we had more Ruby screen time and kind of her own storyline. Apart from that, this season finale was forgettable.”

@SahilMasrur suggested: “#sexeducation should have ended with these two getting together, instead of that stupid ending. Otis and Ruby had much more chemistry than Otis and Maeve. Netflix ruined another series finale.”

As fan @__justrelaxok__ posted: “Not the best ending but perhaps the fairest one #sexeducation.”

And @luxwray echoed: “While the sex education finale wasn’t to my taste, I still think it’s an incredibly important show and something I wish I had as a teenager. It’s funny, informative and full of characters to get invested in. Most of the last season I loved, but the ending just upset me.”

Meanwhile, fan @itsmenyenk pointed out: “I’m glad Sex Education S4 covered a lot of issues & good enough to put it on plot but it doesn’t feel like finale season.

“All I’m saying is I’m happy enough that Maeve [went] back to US & Ruby chose to move on, cause they deserve more than Otis who, till [the] end, still [needed] to fix himself,” they added.

Sex Education seasons one to four are available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

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