SEAL Team blunder as CBS viewers spot ‘fake’ baby in key Clay scene: ‘Obscure doll’
8th March 2022

SEAL Team: Sneak peak released ahead of season five

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Paramount Network’s action-packed military series SEAL Team recently aired its fifth season finale in January. As the team led by Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) took on a high-stake investigation, viewers noticed a huge blunder during Clay’s (Max Theriot) scene.

Season five was a major instalment for a number of the characters as well as one for self-reflection.

A majority of the team were contemplating their future with the Bravo team as their personal lives had shifted massively.

This included Clay who had plans of leaving to the military to spend more time with his family, which was a decision he made after his father became sick.

The soldier learned his father Ash Spencer (C.Thomas Howell) had been diagnosed with cancer and that his wife was pregnant just as he was about to be deployed.

Clay and his wife Stella Spenser (Alona Tal) went through hardship as their child was born early and left fighting for their life in NICU.

Thankfully, it all worked out and in an unemotional scene, Clay was able to hold his baby for the first time.

However, this is where the viewer spotted the blunder as the observant fans noticed a fake baby had been used in the place of Clay’s newborn.

As well as posting a photo of the scene, user MyNameCannotBeSpoken took to Reddit and asked: “Could they not afford to hire a real baby?! Or at least use come creative camera work to obscure the doll.”

In the comments, a number of other fans shared their theories as to why a doll was used in the place of a real baby.

FireFighterCaptial17 suggested: “Prob Covid restrictions.”

Casc1701 added: “Nobody wants a baby in a movie set, especially the baby. Hours of waiting, loud noises, hot lights… That’s why most TV babies just disappear after the birthing episode.”

Wulfgar57 stated: “Plus, there’s laws/rules and such regarding what age a real infant has to be.”

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SlapSkullHead highlighted a silver lining: “At least it isn’t the usual thing you see where they hand an actor a “new baby” that is actually six or eight months old and is absolutely enormous.”

The season five finale saw Clay and Alanna bring their baby Brian home, which further confirmed to the soldier he no longer wanted to continue his journey with the military.

However, just as the members of the Bravio team began to settle in and get comfortable with their loved ones, they were needed on the front line again.

This left Clay heartbroken and while he was with the team he informed them, the mission they were on would be his last.

The Bravo team were flown out to Malta, to capture a high ranking SGS member and just as they touched down, the team were completely ambushed.

With this huge cliffhanger, it’s yet to be seen if Clay or any other members of his team were left injured or even survived.

Thankfully for fans, SEAL Team was renewed and is set to return to screens with a sixth season later this year.

In other great news, it was also announced the SEAL Team will be headed for the big screens with a movie, although a release date is yet to be announced will be updated.

SEAL Team season 5 is available to watch on Paramount+ in the USA. Season 5 continues every Wednesday on Sky One in the UK.

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