Saturday Kitchen Live guests ‘boo’ Matt Tebbutt for jokey anti-Eurovision remark
13th May 2023

Matt Tebbutt is booed for making anti-Eurovision joke

The BBC has gone Eurovision mad ahead of the grand finale that’s going to be airing live from Liverpool this evening, Saturday, May 13, on BBC One.

Viewers woke up to BBC Breakfast where host Charlie Stayt had been shipped over with the iconic red sofa to the city to cover everything to do with the music competition.

This was then followed by Saturday Kitchen Live, with presenter Matt Tebbutt dressed in a multicolour sequin jacket, and surrounded by the Eurovision logo and European flags.

He was joined on set by chefs Olia Hercules, Niklas Ekstedt and Donal Skehan and, as always, wine expert Olly Smith.

While most were clearly Eurovision fanatics – especially Irish chef Donal who could recite decades of the show’s winners – host Matt proved he wasn’t as excited as initially believed.

Addressing viewers at home, Matt said: “Another fun Eurovision fact for you, are you ready?

“Italy holds the record for the longest Eurovision song, five minutes and nine seconds.

“Thankfully, all songs have now been restricted to three minutes which, in my opinion, is still three minutes too long.”

Clearly not happy with his comment, his fellow chefs booed him with Matt laughing it off and quickly moving on to the next segment of the show.

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Not everyone at home was happy with the extent of the Eurovision coverage on the cooking show either.

@Petramind tweeted: “That’s enough Eurovision nonsense for me #SaturdayKitchen I will not be watching tonight.”

@clsyoshimoo sarcastically commented: “Is it Eurovision, nobody has mentioned it #SaturdayKitchen”.

On the other end of the spectrum, some fans were delighted with the special episode.

@actiondefence joked: “Personally can’t stand Eurovision but you guys are making it look like such a laugh, I might get a few beers in for it.”

@aaronlr1991 stated: “I am loving the #Eurovision themed #SaturdayKitchen!” and @jb1873 commented: “Absolutely p*****g myself laughing today at #SaturdayKitchen Superb.”

@LeilaWellbeing added: “Best #saturdaykitchen ever.”

Saturday Kitchen Live continues every Saturday at 10am on BBC One.

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