Ryan Clark adjusting to dating with ‘baby steps’ after split from ex-husband
17th June 2022

Rylan Clark is still adjusting to life away from his ex-husband since they split.

Breakups can be difficult and the presenter said a great influence was his mum, who covered for him when he was feeling a little unwell mentally.

Interviewed ahead of their joint Celebrity Gogglebox appearance tonight, Rylan and mum Linda appeared on This Morning.

Linda said to Alison Hammond: "Well it wasn’t me that weren’t well."

Rylan then added: "It was actually me last year, I wasn’t too well. At the time it was like: ‘Mummy’s not too well with her Crohn’s,’ but no, it was actually me that wasn’t too well last year.

"Yeah, she’s always taking the fall for her son."

The mum and son pair said they enjoyed being back on Gogglebox.

Rylan said: "I’m really good and it’s so nice to be back on Gogglebox. We were a bit gutted we couldn’t do last year, we were going to but obviously things changed."

So who is he now actually dating?

Who is Rylan dating?

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Rylan Clark doesn't appear to be dating anyone at the moment, but since the split from his husband, he has explained he has been learning how to.

He told The Sun he is "starting from scratch" when it comes to life on the dating scene.

The presenter said: "It’s all still pretty new to me, I am s**t at things like this. I am not confident when it comes down to that side of things, so I am just trying to take baby steps."

Rylan also said he was finding it a bit strange that his love life is covered in the papers.

He said: "It’s a little bit weird. You could just go for dinner with a mate and next thing you know someone has took a photo and the next thing you know they are the mystery man."

Why did Rylan split from his husband?

Rylan Clark split from his husband Dan Neal in 2021 after the two wanted different things in their lives.

They had been married for six years and Rylan revealed he "made a number of mistakes" that led to the breakdown of their marriage.

He told the Mail: 'Following reports about Dan and I spending time apart, I feel I have to speak out – as the way it is being reported is unfair."

The presenter has also made his plans for a child clear and said in 2019: "I have a 19-year-old stepson already – Cameron – and he's amazing. I want to be a dad, I'd love it to happen, it's when and how."

Sadly, Rylan struggled after the two broke up and said his mum was "worried" about him.

He said to The Sun: "My mum was majorly worried about me, as were all my family. I don't just disappear for four months – that doesn't just happen.

"Mum has been a lifesaver to me and one of my biggest regrets of this year was putting my mum through me not being well. I needed to get back to me."

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