Robert Sugden's Emmerdale exit revealed in horror murder twist?
16th June 2019

The exit of Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) was always going to hurt for a large proportion of Emmerdale fans who have invested so deeply in his character and, most notably, his marriage and love story with Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller).

But in the wake of the announcement of him leaving, thoughts are now turning to how we will go, with viewers convinced that he will commit murder and end up behind bars or on the run after taking revenge on Lee, the man who raped Victoria (Isabel Hodgins).

No details or circumstances around Robert’s exit have been confirmed and the storyline appears to be a while off, with reports suggesting he won’t bow out until the end of the year. But it is very clear to viewers that he won’t be droppinghis furious and understandable vendetta against Lee.

Lee has evaded police justice for what he did to Victoria and she just wants to move on from the horrendous situation and concentrate onbeing a good mum to her baby when it is born.

But after Robert can’t help himself in trying to expose Lee via the means of posters which call him a rapist, Victoria is furious that he has brought Lee back into her world again. And knowing Robert, this could well just be the beginning.

While Victoria wants him to just leave it, it seems unlikely that he will be able to drop it given what Lee has done to someone he loves. Knowing what Robert is capable of (this guy has assassins for contacts, remember), could Lee be facing justice of a very different kind?

And if so, will Robert be forced to join the likes of Andy, Kirin, Declan and Adam on the run from the law? Or could he even be heading to do a stint behind bars?

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