Richard Madeley shuts down fiery Prince Harry debate
3rd January 2023

Harry and Meghan: Madeley steps in during heated GMB debate

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Good Morning Britain presenters Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid were joined by journalist Nina Myskow and broadcaster Esther Krakue to discuss Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir. However, the pair entered into a shouting match with one another which led to Richard having to step in and bring the interview to a close.

Whilst Nina was on Prince Harry’s side and thought the book and the interviews were a positive thing for him, Esther thought otherwise.

She touched on the recent Netflix series that Harry made with his wife Meghan Markle which looked at their relationship and the reason why they stepped down from royal duties.

Esther slammed the couple and branded them “brats” who needed to live in their mansion with their “chicken coop happy.”

“They haven’t done anything good, they have spent the last two years winging and complaining,” she fumed.

“They have a nice mansion in California, why don’t you stay there with your kids and your chicken coops and keep your mouth shut.”

Susanna stepped in and asked: “Esther, one of the reasons as we have seen from these small clips of these interviews, Prince Harry feels like he can’t have that life and get on with it.

“Even though privately he is trying to reconcile with his family, every time he reaches out and does that privately there are briefings that he has no control of.”

Esther interjected and said: “Then he needs to step back, he needs to be an adult and get on with it. He has a wife and family that depend on him, not everything can be about you and your feelings.”

As Nina began to interject Esther’s point, Richard shouted over her that it would be her “last point” as he brought the interview to a close.

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