RHONJ Recap: Joe Giudice Enters ICE Facility, Margaret Slams 'Duchess of Dicks' Danielle
14th November 2019

“It gets me so mad that today could’ve been the day that we could’ve been a family again,” Milania says to the Giudice family attorney.

Wednesday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" was another sad one for the Giudice family, as Teresa and the girls received word that Joe had been transferred from a low-security prison to a maximum-security immigration facility that was even farther away from their home.

"Joe called me at 4:30 in the morning, and he told me he was already transferred to ICE," Teresa said during a somber confessional. "I was shocked. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so early.’ But they transferred Joe in the middle of the night to avoid the paparazzi. It just stings and it just hurts, ’cause you know, he did his time. He’s not coming home, and I had to get the frustrations out."

Footage showed Teresa getting in an early morning workout. When she got back home, her father made her some food. Then her brother, Joe Gorga, called. He asked how she was doing.

"I definitely need a drink," Tre said, before revealing that the girls were "not good. Gia posted something on her Instagram. Milania’s home. She’s saying she’s feeling sick, but I know she’s sad about Joe."

Teresa told Joe their attorney, Jim, would be stopping by to explain to the girls everything that their dad was going through. After hanging up, Teresa asked her dad if he had seen Milania. He said she came downstairs briefly but went back up to her room.

"This all sucks," Teresa said, telling the camera, "All my girls are affected by Joe not being here, but Milania shows it the most." Tre went upstairs to check on Milania, but when she knocked on her bedroom door, Milania shouted back, "Go away! Will you stop annoying me?"

"We all wanna move on with our lives and be happy again, but it’s impossible because it’s still hanging over our heads that Joe could be deported," Teresa told the camera.

When Jim got to the house, Nonno took Audriana to her dance class while Teresa, Gia, Milania and Gabriella sat down with Jim. He asked how Audriana, the youngest, was handling it all.

"People have said things to her in school," Gia revealed, as Teresa added, "She started crying to me. How do you explain to a 9-year-old that maybe their daddy’s not coming home? They don’t care about the legal stuff. They’re like, ‘Why is this happening?’"

Jim told the girls, "Today was obviously supposed to be a happier day," as Milania interrupted, "It gets me so mad that today could’ve been the day that we could’ve been a family again."

Jim explained that Joe was labeled an "aggravated felon" following his release from prison and that that was the reason he was being deported. After he told the girls about how the appeals process works, Teresa got a phone call from Joe. They hadn’t spoken since he told Tre he was in ICE custody.

She passed the phone to Gia. Joe said he wished he could be with his family and said the facility he was in was "max security." Milania angrily noted, "This is more of a jail than the other place he was in."

Gia told her dad she wanted to come see him, but he explained he didn’t want any visitors because communication would be only through a phone and a screen. "Are you kidding me!?" Milania said. "I can’t even touch my father now?"

"Holy shit, you have a minute left on the phone?" Gia said to her dad, as Milania fired at her sister, "Can I please talk to him!?" Gia gave the phone to Gabriella, who spoke for a few seconds, then handed it to Milania. She sighed into the phone and said, "I want you to come home. I love you so much, Buddy."

After hanging up, Gia said she thought her dad was "gonna lose his mind," as Tre told Jim all she wanted was for her kids to be happy.

"Okay, Mom, how do you expect us to not have any pain? Like, really? No matter how much stuff you buy us, it’s not gonna change the fact that our dad is in jail and might be getting deported."

Later, at Joe Gorga’s book release party, Dolores Catania told Teresa she wanted to plan an obstacle course adventure for the group. Teresa asked if she could invite Danielle Staub, which drew audible groans from the others. Dolores said she would prefer Danielle not go but that it wasn’t her event and she wouldn’t oppose. But Margaret Josephs wondered how Danielle could possibly complete an obstacle course. "Her pussy ring could get caught!" she noted, as Melissa Gorga half-laughed and half-screamed in agony.

Tre said she didn’t want Jackie Goldschneider included in the event, which didn’t surprise Melissa in the slightest. Their truce, she noted, lasted all of "five seconds." When Melissa relayed the information to Jackie, Jackie was upset. "It’s just sting after sting from Teresa. She’s f–king immature," she said. "I know she’s in a bad place, but I’m calling her out on her shit. I want her to calm the f–k down so that I can stop hating her."

Melissa and Jackie were in the midst of shopping for Melissa’s super expensive 40th birthday party decor when Melissa gave Jackie the news. She asked Jackie to keep the drama at the door for her big bash. "You don’t have to worry about me; you have to worry about your sister-in-law," Jackie said. "Because she’s gonna be an asshole to me. I’m gonna be an asshole to her."

Fast-forward to Margaret going to her girlfriend’s boutique to shop for an outfit for Melissa’s birthday party. Gina, the boutique owner, was dating Danielle’s now-ex-fiancé — Olivier Maier, a businessman who she claimed was also the Duke of Provence — when he proposed to Danielle back in February, one week after she finalized her divorce from Marty Caffrey.

Margaret referred to Danielle as "the Duchess of Dicks" and told the camera, "Olivier is a very rich guy, and when Danielle smells money, she doesn’t care whose dick she has to suck to get to it." Gina told Margaret she was still healing from the betrayal of a once-boyfriend and a former friend. The ladies agreed Danielle was "pure evil," with Margaret saying that "everybody’s onto her except Teresa."

At the obstacle course, Jennifer Aydin told Margaret and Dolores that she had recently gone to dinner with Danielle to get to know her better. After all, they have a mutual stylist, who told Jennifer that Danielle’s real name is Beverly. (She changed it after getting into trouble with the law. This goes back to Season 1 and the book that caused Teresa to flip a table and call Danielle a prostitution whore.)

Anyway, the stylist didn’t tell Jennifer that the name would be a trigger for Danielle, so when Jennifer brought it up to Danielle, she flipped. Danielle was also upset the hostess at the restaurant they were dining at didn’t know who she was.

Fun was had by all during the obstacle course, despite the freezing cold weather. Teresa and Danielle ended up winning, even though Melissa and Margaret completed the course the fastest. After that, Dolores invited the ladies to her house for some lunch.

Jennifer opened up about some of the bullying her daughter, Gabriella, had been experiencing at school. She said her group of friends dropped her and started throwing food at her in the lunchroom. Jennifer was heartbroken and used the opportunity to remind her daughter that not everyone in life is going to like her.

But Margaret used the opportunity to remind Jennifer that that was the same kind of bullying Jackie felt she was receiving when Jen made that video mocking her. That statement fired up Teresa, who felt Jackie repeating the rumor that Teresa was cheating on Joe was bullying. "I don’t even think that’s bullying!" she interrupted herself. "I think that’s assassination of character! That’s f–ked up! No, that’s f–ked up! That’s f–ked up!"

Melissa asked her sister-in-law if she’d be able to control herself around Jackie at her 40th birthday, but Tre couldn’t make that promise. "She’s said a lot of f–ked up shit to me," she said, as Danielle laughed and noted that this was "another party I’m not invited to." She was referring to Jennifer’s husband’s work party.

Jennifer explained why she couldn’t have someone who’s able to "flip the switch" so easily involved with her husband’s profession. The two got into it, which is when Margaret stepped in and brought up her friend, Gina.

"You’re the one that after four years of having an affair with Joe, you decide to dignify Jan with a divorce!" Danielle shouted at Margaret, who shouted back, "It wasn’t four years. By the way, I have an ex-husband that adores me, my current husband adores me. That’s a lot more than you could say for yourself."

"It was still cheating!" Danielle said. Margaret replied by calling Danielle a "prostitute."

"You f–ked a lot more married men than I have," she added, prompting Danielle to stand up and announce she was "leaving because I’m not gonna sit here with trash." She called Margaret a "homewrecker, f–king piece of shit. You talk about me like that? You’re a sick f–king human being! F–king whore!"

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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