'Rhodes to the Top' Season Premiere Episode Recap
30th September 2021

There’s been plenty of wrestling reality TV shows over the years, including Total Divas and Miz & Mrs. Now; fans will see a new series featuring the stars of AEW. Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ show Rhodes to the Top premiere on Sept. 29. The TNT program follows Cody and Brandi as they navigate their wrestling careers and prep for parenthood. If you missed the season premiere, here’ a recap.

‘Rhodes to the Top’ introduces fans to the behind-the-scenes action of AEW

The hour-long episode of Rhodes to the Top was jam-packed with lots of action. The show starts with an introduction of Cody, Brandi, and the rest of the Rhodes family. Cody and Brandi are then shown arriving in Jacksonville for the taping of AEW Dynamite.

The couple mingles with their co-workers. One of the funniest moments is when a hungover Jon Moxley tells Brandi he’s going to throw up, then pass out. In another scene, Darby Allin tells Cody how he was homeless and used to sleep in his car.

Later that evening, Cody delivers his patriotic promo. Cody loved his speech and brought Brandi to tears; however, others weren’t moved by it. According to ComicBook.com, wrestling fans criticized Cody’s promo and led to many turning on him.

Drama with AEW wrestlers

No reality show would be complete without drama. Of course, there was plenty of it going on backstage at AEW. Cody and a few other wrestlers discuss the dangers of the sport. It’s then revealed that Ricky Starks has a neck injury that will sideline him for months.

The news is upsetting to Starks, who worries about his career. Cody and Tony Khan tell Starks they want to keep him onscreen during his injury. Instead of wrestling, Starks will continue his current storyline by becoming the mouthpiece for Team Taz. Later Starks goes out to deliver a promo and impresses Cody.

Meanwhile, Brandi is dealing with the friction between women’s wrestlers Jade Cargill and Red Velvet. Their heat stems from a segment in which Velvet believed Cargill slapped her too hard. Since then, Velvet’s apprehensive about working with Cargill. Brandi arranges a wine tasting for Velvet and Cargill, who work out their differences.

Prepping for parenthood

Aside from work, Cody and Brandi are also preparing to welcome their first child. Although Brandi’s excited about motherhood, she’s also anxious to get back to wrestling. She expresses a desire to be Women’s Champion but worries the day might never come.

Meanwhile, the couple’s baby shower is filled with chaos. Brandi’s opinionated mother arrives for the event and voices her displeasure over the couple hiring a night nanny. Aside from that, it’s also revealed there’s tension between Brandi and her sister-in-law Teil, who hasn’t fully accepted Brandi into the family.

With baby Rhodes due any day, Cody and Brandi admit they’re not fully prepared. Cody also reveals he has no plans to take paternity leave when the baby’s born. Based on the upcoming previews, Cody and Brandi will be tested juggling work and a new baby. If the premiere is any indication, Rhodes to the Top is in for a wild journey.

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