'RHOC': Fake Donn Trolls Vicki Gunvalson After Breakup – 'Still Not Bringing Her a Casserole'
3rd October 2021

Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County won’t be receiving that casserole she desperately craves during hard times from the Donn Gunvalson parody account. News that Gunvalson and fiancé Steve Lodge broke up became ripe fodder for “fake Donn” and he declared he is “still not bringing her a casserole” after the breakup.

Why did fake Donn think Vicki Gunavlson and Steve Lodge broke up?

How did Vicki Gunvalson react to her castmates getting the Covid vaccine?

Now that Gunvalson is back on the market, Meyers shared a shady comment about some of Gunvalson’s dubious boyfriend choices. “My love tank is full. And so is my wallet.”

How does Vicki Gunvalson feel about the fake Donn account?

Meyers recently told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he knows his parody account gets under Gunvalson’s skin. “Vicki is a whole issue,” Meyers said about how she’s reacted to the account. “Not issue, but she knows about it, and she did an interview maybe a month or two ago on Access Hollywood where they talked about my account. She said like Donn himself has tried to take it down a few times. Twitter won’t do it.”

“I clearly state I’m a parody and I’m within the rules,” he continued. “And she still hates it. But he’s grown to find it funny. I don’t think he’s on social media, so when people approach him about it, like at this point he just finds it funny.”

Why did Jordan Ross Meyers create the fake Donn account?

Meyers said he chose Donn Gunvalson because of his mild-mannered demeanor. Plus the account name was available on social media. He began with the Lee Radziwill account but wanted to spice up his presence.

“But Lee is a bit classy” he laughed. “And I wanted something where I could be a bit edgier. A little bit more offensive or crass. And so I was thinking of other random names people wouldn’t think to register in the Bravo community.”

“And Donn was available,” he continued. “He was perfect because he was always quiet on screen. Nice guy. And I think that’s why people are always so shocked [when they see Meyers’ tweets as Donn].”

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