RHOBH's Erika Jayne SLAMS fans who think they're 'a f***ing expert on others' lives' after claims she 'stole millions'
23rd June 2021

ERIKA Jayne slammed the haters who think they're "a f***ing expert" on her life after facing allegations of "stealing millions" alongside her husband Tom Girardi.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star previously clapped back at critics who claimed she looked "disheveled" in her first outing since her Hulu documentary emerged.

Erika, 49, took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to rant about her haters who claim to be a "f***ing expert" on her life.

"When did everyone on Twitter become a fucking expert on others personal lives? Do you actually believe this shit?" she wrote in a heated statement.

The reality star then followed up with a second message, as she alluded to the fact that the public was being fed "bad info."

"Everyone is so pressed. But I did find out the name of one of the snakes feeding bad info.

"No surprise really. This person always struck me as weak," she wrote.

Erika's defensiveness follows public anger over her husband Tom's messy embezzlement scandal, as many believe the housewife was involved in the stealing of millions.

Earlier this week, Bravo fans were stunned when the TV personality was spotted out for the first time since a scathing Hulu documentary on the ex-couple was released.

The Sun exclusively shared photos of the mother of one looking disheveled while pumping gas, after being forced to get rid of her $40K a MONTH glam team amongst her legal troubles.

Erika went for a relaxed look in an oversized blue tee-shirt, leggings, sneakers, and no makeup, which was vastly different than her normal full-glam.

The RHOBH star fired back at her haters on Twitter after the photos emerged, writing: “Goodnight Twitter, please be in full glam when pumping gas. Apparently it’s a big deal.”

“Go be offended at your own life."

Erika's gas outing was her first excursion since Hulu released the biting documentary entitled The Housewife & The Hustler regarding her husband Tom’s embezzlement scandal and their messy divorce.

The singer recently left the ex-couple's $7million Pasadena mansion and settled into a more modest $1.5million home in Hancock Park, LA, while abandoning her lavish style for a more modest look.

Fans were shocked to see the images, which showed a never-before-seen side of the Bravo star.

 “Erika Jayne has seen no makeup and disheveled hair after she was forced to give up a $40ka month glam squad," one claimed.

“These photos of Erika Jayne are how you know s**t has really hit the fan,” another agreed.

A third reasoned: “Erika Jayne emerges with no makeup and messy hair after being forced to give up her $40k-a-month glam squad amid divorce from Tom Girardi and mounting legal woes."

In November, Erika shocked fans when she filed for divorce from former super lawyer, Tom Girardi, after 21 years married.

After the divorce filing, Tom began getting hit with lawsuit after lawsuit for fraud, embezzlement and contract breach.

The blonde came under scrutiny when it was revealed that her luxurious lifestyle was upheld by the money her ex-husband stole from countless victims.

However, Erika has denied any sort of involvement with Tom's fraudulent dealings.

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