Rebecca Adlington reveals new mum struggles as her boob leaks and she suffers sleepless nights while battling a cold
25th March 2021

OLYMPIAN Rebecca Adlington has revealed the struggles of being a new mum as she suffers sleepless nights.

The 32-year-old, who gave birth to baby boy Albie – her second child – earlier this month, has complained of boob leaks and battling a cold.

Former competitive swimmer Rebecca OBE took to social media to share her parenthood woes as she was kept awake "at 3am" by her young son.

To make matters worse, the star said she "had a cold" and was holding back coughs and sneezes so as not to wake sleeping husband Andrew Parsons.

"It's 3am, Albie up again feeding," she wrote to her fans. "I have a cold and trying so hard not to cough or blow my nose to wake Andy or disturb Albie.

"My dog Daisy has curled up and gone to sleep under my bedside table. Plus I have a wet patch where my boob has leaked."

Encapsulating her feelings in an emoji covering their eyes, she jokingly asked her fans: "How's your night going?"

The swimming star also revealed her hubby is due to go back to work as a property manager next week after "3 weeks" of paternity leave.

Sharing a picture of Andrew, who she met online in 2018, she wrote gushed how he had been an "amazing dad" and thanked him for being "incredible".

"What an amazing 3 weeks it's been," she wrote. "I always knew you'd be an amazing dad but it's been incredible to see it in person."

Rebecca was seen for the first time last week after giving birth to her son, going for a walk with Andrew and their bundle of joy.

Wrapped up warm, the sports star cradled the baby, who was born just two weeks ago, in a carrier beneath her coat.

Her five-year-old daughter Summer, who Rebecca shares with ex husband Harry Needs, didn't join the family for the outing.

Rebecca recently opened up to about how parenthood was different the second time round.

She told Hello magazine: “I am a bit more at ease in general. When I had Summer it completely transformed me as a person and brought that maternal side out in me.”

The star did however worry how she would bond with the baby, saying: “I was worried I wouldn't love him as much as I did Summer, but as soon as he was born, I loved him so much. It has just been so lovely.”

And she revealed that Summer is loving being a big sister: “She is just besotted by him. It's so cute.

"I always knew she was going to be good with Albie; she is very loving and has got a natural maternal instinct about her. She gives him a kiss and always says goodbye to him before she goes to school.”

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