Radio star James Whale, 70, reveals he's engaged three years after his wife's death
17th May 2021

BROADCASTER James Whale has revealed that he is engaged three years after his wife Melinda's death.

The 70-year-old radio star announced the news on Twitter earlier today, but did not share who his lucky bride-to-be is.

Just under a year after sharing his spine, brain, and kidney cancer diagnosis, James wrote: "Breaking news over this weekend of my birthday I have to announce that I have become engaged- to whom I will reveal later!"

One fan jokingly asked if it was to his talkRADIO co-host Ash Gould, before adding: "I've listened to you two for years & it would be sooooo romantic! You're just made for each other & I bet Melinda (looking down) would approve!"

James replied: "We have been together a long time."

Melinda tragically passed away in May 2018 – less than a year after going to her GP for feeling unwell and suffering a cough.

Her devastated husband shared at the time of her diagnosis: "She is having treatment, and I can't give up that last glimmer of hope. But the doctors say I have to face facts. She is dying.

"The thought of losing her is so painful, it is difficult to even contemplate."

Melinda was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with secondary cancer throughout her body in December 2017 before passing away five months later.

Last August, James admitted he considered throwing himself a farewell party and taking his own life after being diagnosed with spine, brain, and kidney cancer.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he shared: "I'm feeling really well since I started the treatment, I don't want any of those sad voices I probably look and sound like I would normally.

"You don't know what live has to throw at you. So, it's not a question of being brave by the way.

"It's just a question of, in all our lives, we're all going to get to a stage where our health isn't going to be what it is when we are at our peak performance time. You just have to deal with it. There's nothing else you can do."

James added that he considered going to Switzerland where assisted dying is legal, before going on to explain: "Friends of mine said, well we'll have a party, lets do it here instead of going over to Switzerland."

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