Professor T cast: Who is in Professor T on ITV?
18th July 2021

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Professor T is a remake of a Belgian series of the same name. ITV and PBS have reinvented the show and relocated it to the UK, bringing together a British cast for the series. But who stars in the upcoming drama?

Who is in the cast Professor T?

Professor T will drop on ITV this month (July 18) and the network commissioned the show in the hope it would capture the same popularity the three-part Belgian version did.

The new show keeps the spirit of the original, only relocating the characters from Antwerp to Cambridge.

The series will consist of six episodes, with the first episode seeing the Professor caught up in an investigation following an attack on the university campus.

The series has also dropped in the United States, premiering on July 11 on PBS.

Professor T – Ben Miller

Ben Miller leads the series as Professor T himself AKA Professor Jaspar Tempest.

The Professor is a genius Cambridge University criminologist with OCD and helps advise the police on various cases.

Speaking to RadioTimes, Miller shared his excitement to play the iconic role, sharing that “Professor T has it all.”

The star added: “Intriguing murders, dreaming spires, and a cast of unforgettable characters, each with their own fascinating secrets. You don’t have to be a professor of criminal psychology to know the ITV audience will love it.”

Fans will recognise Miller from a variety of projects, having starred in dozens of film and TV projects.

Recently he appeared in Death in Paradise, making a cameo as his former lead character of DI Richard Poole, Miller also starred in Bridgerton as Lord Featherington.

Lisa Donckers – Emma Naomi

Detective Inspector Lisa Donckers will be assisting the Professor throughout the series as he reluctantly investigates a handful of cases.

Lisa is a former student of the Professor and is the one to reach out to him at the start of the show.

The character is played by Emma Naomi, another star of Bridgerton – playing the role of Alice Mondrich.

Naomi has been sharing updates on the show through her Instagram account where she recently posted an image of herself on set as Lisa, captioned: “Lisa Donckers Y’aaaalll!”

One fan replied: “I loved the show, you were divine! The cast seemed to work together exceptionally well.”

Dan Winters – Barney White

A relative newcomer, Barney White takes on the role of Dan Winters, Lisa’s police sidekick.

Dan is a supportive character to Lisa and will be helping her throughout her investigations on the show.

Fans may recognise White from Holby City, in which he appeared twice between 2015 and 2019, playing two different characters.

Outside of that, White has appeared in Ellie & Natasia, Indigo Valley and Instrument of War.

Adelaide Tempest – Frances de la Tour

The Professor’s overbearing mother, Frances de la Tour plays Adelaide Tempest.

Throughout the show, Adelaide will reference an undisclosed childhood trauma that has affected the Professor deeply.

Tour has a prolific career in both film and TV, recently starring in back-to-back hit series such as Outlander, Vicious, and The Collection.

The star has also appeared in some big Hollywood blockbusters including Into the Woods and The Book of Eli.

Professor T is available to watch on ITV and ITV Hub from Sunday, July 18.

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