Pregnant Stacey Solomon reveals she's packing her hospital bag today – and is having a strange thought
19th September 2021

PREGNANT Stacey Solomon has revealed she is packing her hospital bag as she prepares to welcome her baby daughter.

The star – who is soon to become a mother-of-four – admitted she was distracted thinking about "giant sanitary towels" as she prepped her bag.

Stacey, 31, shared a snap of herself enjoying a morning coffee as she told fans she had decided to "pack a bag" – and "better late than never".

Showing off her autumnal hallway display, prepped for her baby daughter's arrival later this month – the X Factor star asked for advice from fans.

"I'm going to pack a bag for hospital today (better late than never)," she explained before asking: "What did you put in yours?"

Stacey went on to admit she had been distracted: "I feel like I've packed too much and all I can think of right now is giant sanitary towels."

It comes shortly after Stacey shared an adorable video of her baby bump moving as her unborn daughter wriggles and kicks.

The soon-to-be mother-of-four took to her Instagram stories to share the intimate clip as she celebrated her due date nearing.

She filmed as her baby daughter kicked inside her belly while Christina Perry's A Thousand Years played in the background.

Sitting in her pink floral pyjamas, the X Factor star gently caressed her stomach as it vigorously moved about.

Stacey told her following about how her bump moving was the "best feeling" as she admitted it was "not long" until she would give birth.

"Every little movement you make in there makes me more and more excited to meet you," she wrote. "Not long now princess."

It comes shortly after Stacey admitted she's "disappointing herself" by trying to do too much before her baby daughter arrives.

She also said she's been busy making sure she gives her three sons enough attention before she has her hands full with a newborn.

The Loose Women star said she was bombarded with messages from sympathetic followers telling her to slow down – but admitted she'd love more time before the baby arrives.

She said: "It sounds silly but I think I pictured these last few weeks I would be doing my autumn crafts, putting the final touches on pickle cottage and then just lazing around.

"But lots has been delayed in the house and the big boys need so much at the moment. I want to give them as much as I can before a new baby is added to the crew because I'm nervous how they’ll feel.

"I also want to do all of my own DIY because I love it and I want to be on top of life admin so I'm not overwhelmed when she's here.

"But the truth is trying to do everything is meaning I’m not going none of these things and I'm disappointing myself."

The TV star added: "It just makes me want to hold in my vagina and suck it all up. I feel like there is so much not ready for a newborn in the house."

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