Pointless: ‘No wait, hold on’ Richard Osman interjects Alexander Armstrong and HALTS show
13th April 2019

Pointless returned to BBC One tonight with a celebrity edition of the quiz show and minutes into the episode beginning, Pointless adjudicator Richard Osman halted proceedings. 

Introducing the first round he said: “ Now round one is apt for today’s show, we often have very high octane rounds on this show, we really have outdone ourselves on round one. Round one, possibly most exciting subject in the history of Pointless Celebrities.” 

“Oh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait let’s get on lets get to it immediately,” host Alexander Armstrong interjected and added: “Our category for round one today is – Global Trade.” 

After an audible laugh from the audience and the contestants, Richard remarked: “No wait, wait. Hold your horses it gets much much much more exciting. When you find out the actual question it is going to blow your minds.” 

Alexander then asked the celebrity pairs to decide amongst themselves who would be going first and who would be going second to provide the answers. 

After this was decided, Alexander continued: “Ok, lets find out the question. ‘Name as many top potato producing countries.’” 

“I’ll give you all a second to calm down,” Richard joked. “We are looking for any country of the world that produces over 1 million tonnes of potatoes every year. That’s a lot of potatoes, there are 43 countries on this list and you won’t be surprised to hear a lot of them are Pointless answers.” 

As for the correct answers, “China produced the most potatoes,” Richard revealed, “nearly a billion tonnes”. 

The low scores were, “three points if you said Belarus, three points also for Morocco, Bangladesh and Japan. Two points for Iran and Romania, one point for Columbia, Kazakstan, Nepal and North Korea”. 

“Here are your Pointless answers; very well done if you said Indonesia, Tanzanian, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, and one we might have stumbled across but we didn’t, which is Bolivia,” Richard continued to explain. 

After the first round, William Sitwell and Grace Dent were eliminated first after scored 107 points. 

The category for the next round was Musicals and they were asked about synonyms of west end musicals. 

“On each board we are going to show you the names of six west end musicals all of which have won an Oliver award. We have rewritten the titles, the meaning is the same, the name is different. Can you tell us what musicals they are please,” Richard explained. 

But for Hala El-Shafie and Ed Baines it was their time to leave the quiz show after scoring 169 points. 

Pointless then went into the head to head round and the celebrity contestants were tasked with five pictures of sleeping animals and they had to name the sort of animals they were. 

Michael Caines and Anna Haugh were sadly knocked out by Prue Leith and Brian Turner who went into the final. 

Up for grabs was £2,500 for their chosen charities and the final round tasked then with word endings. 

After sixty seconds on the clock, Prue and Brian had three attempts for a Pointless answer. 

However, with one answer ‘retouch’ they scored one out of 100 and unfortunately left the show empty handed. 

Pointless celebrities returns to BBC One at 5:40pm. 

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