Piers Morgan reveals Donald Trump called him today after promising him the secret to winning US Election
24th October 2020

PIERS Morgan has revealed Donald Trump phoned him after he promised to give him the secret to winning the US Election.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host had appealed to the President on American TV saying: "If you take my advice you still have a chance to keep the White House."

Piers made the cheeky statement on Fox News, which Trump is known to be an avid viewer of.

Tonight, it appeared the appeal had paid off, with Piers tweeting: "Just had a 25-minute chat on the phone with President @realDonaldTrump from the White House. His last words? ‘Piers, I’m going to win.'"

When the star's brother Jeremy called it another piece of "bizarre" family news, Piers replied nonchalently: "Normal Saturday for me."

ITV presenter Piers also revealed the topics they had covered saying: "We talked about all sorts of stuff.

"The election, coronavirus, this week's debate, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson… and scam phone calls he'd received from people pretending to be me."

The President dumped Piers on social media in April after he wrote a column telling him to "shut the f**k up" and called his coronavirus cure theories "bats**t crazy".

But speaking on Fox & Friends yesterday to plug his book, he said: “If the President is watching, he might be, I know you un-followed me on Twitter because I was very critical on you in this crisis.

"You may want to re-follow me now because if you take my advice you still have a chance to keep in the White House."

Piers' GMB co-host Susanna Reid reacted to the news Piers had chatted to the President for nearly half an hour with her usual unstatement.

She posted his tweet about their Saturday afternoon chat, writing: "As you do."

Trump later retweeted a promo for Piers' book Wake Up writing: "An Apprentice Champion. Check out his very interesting new book!"

Piers explained earlier this month that he and Trump were still in touch and he wrote to him after the President roasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Speaking on Times Radio he explained: "I emailed a friend of mine who works closely with him in the White House and said how funny I found it when he said 'Good luck to Prince Harry he's going to need it.'

"The timing was just brilliant. You can laugh at Trump. Sometimes he is just laugh-out-loud funny.

"I got the message back: 'He just read your email and laughed out loud too.'"

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