Piers Morgan pays tribute to ‘remarkable’ Deborah James after heartbreaking cancer update
10th May 2022

Piers Morgan pays tribute to Deborah James on Talk TV

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On Monday night, Deborah gave her Instagram followers an update on her cancer diagnosis, explaining she was being moved to hospice at home care because her body “couldn’t continue anymore”. In a heartbreaking post, the mum-of-two said there was nothing more medical professionals could do for her and she didn’t know how long she had left. TalkTV presenter Piers Morgan shared his reaction to the news on Tuesday evening.

Since the journalist shared the tragic news, she has been inundated with support from her colleagues and fans.

During Piers’ TalkTV show on Tuesday night, the former Good Morning Britain star paid a heartfelt tribute to his pal.

Piers said Deborah had “inspired millions of people in some of her darkest moments”.

“Deborah James is an extraordinary human being and she’s battled stage four bowel cancer for five years,” the host began.

He went on to explain that Deborah has documented her cancer journey in her newspaper column and in her podcast.

“She communicated her struggle with astonishing candour, clarity and humility,” Piers continued.

“She doesn’t pull any punches, it’s sharp, it’s witty and sometimes heartbreaking commentary on the kind of things people don’t talk about.

“Like what cancer does to your body, your children, your mental health.

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A post shared by Deborah James (@bowelbabe)

“Today she revealed with typical frankness that her body just can’t copy any longer.

“She’s under hospice care at home with her family waiting for the end of her remarkable life.

“The response to that heartwrenching announcement has been quite staggering, she just asked her supporters to buy her a glass of wine to see her out.

“In 24 hours, she had raised more than £1.7million for her Bowel Babe fund.

“On a day when inspirational women are in sharp focus, there aren’t many more deserving of our respect and affection than Deborah James,” Piers added.

“On behalf of everybody she has helped and all the lives she has almost certainly saved, I simply want to say this: thank you, Deborah.”

On Monday, in view of Deborah’s 499,000 followers, the journalist admitted: “The message I never wanted to write.”

She continued: “We have tried everything, but my body simply isn’t playing ball.

“My active care has stopped and I am now moved to hospice at home care, with my incredible family all around me and the focus is on making sure I’m not in pain and spending time with them.

“Nobody knows how long I’ve got left but I’m not able to walk, I’m sleeping most of the days, and most things I took for granted are pipe dreams.

“I know we have left no stone unturned. But even with all the innovative cancer drugs in the world or some magic new breakthrough, my body just can’t continue anymore.”

Piers Morgan Uncensored airs weekdays from 8pm on TalkTV.

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