Piers Morgan comes to blows with Shola Mos-Shogbamimu after mis-pronouncing her name in fiery Meghan Markle debate – The Sun
14th January 2020

PIERS Morgan exploded at Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu in a fiery debate about Meghan Markle live on Good Morning Britain.

The pair's tense exchange began when he mispronounced Shola's surname at the very beginning of the chat – with it only getting worse as the 54-year-old star eventually accused her of "race-baiting".

Shola was one of the guests as the breakfast show discussed Prince Harry and Meghan's plans for a "new life" after the Queen issued a statement in support of her grandson last night.

After the botched introduction, Shola looked irritated as she muttered: "Piers, come on."

He dismissed the gaffe as he said: "I knew that I would get your name wrong", but she hit back: "If you want to say it, say it properly."

Piers defended the error as he blamed GMB producers, insisting that her surname had been put across two lines on the teleprompter.

He continued: "It wasn't deliberate. You're going to say it's racist, aren't you?

"I was watching you all day yesterday saying that everything is racist."

Shola retorted: "So why don't you say my name properly then?"

The conversation quickly spiralled, with Piers demanding evidence as she claimed that Meghan backlash is partially "racism".

She seethed at the host: "Let me tell you what is so offensive about this, especially from you.

"You are a man, privileged to have power and influence, and you are using your platform so irresponsibly to spout out your personal – "

But Piers interrupted, snapping: "So you're allowed to be nasty and vile, and you're allowed to say it is all racism and call people like me racist…"

Again, Shola cut in as she shouted: "It's not my job to teach you about racism!"

When Piers heatedly replied: "I will tell you what your job is", Shola interrupted again as she raged: "Don't tell me what my job is!"

Co-host Susanna Reid and the other guests for the debate looked uncomfortable as the pair's voices became more and more raised in the dramatic argument.

As they tried to diffuse the row, Piers remarked that "racism doesn't exist, where is it?", with Shola enraged by the comment, clearly shocked as she hit back: "Of course it does!"

Piers continued: "You are race baiting, trying to turn the Meghan debate into a race divide."

Eventually Susanna managed to regain control of the situation, with attention being moved onto another guest, however, Piers and Shola continued to clash throughout the chat.

Earlier today, Piers was accused of sexism as he drew attention to GMB's Laura Tobin's red trousers throughout the show.


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