Peter Andre reveals he confiscated Princess’ electronics after she got detention as he boasts about his strict parenting – The Sun
20th November 2019

PETER Andre has revealed he confiscated daughter Princess' gadgets after she got detention at school.

The singer, 46, who takes a strict approach to parenting, was recently forced to lay down the law with the 12-year-old.

He said in his new! magazine column: "I had a proud parenting moment this week. Bista came home from school and told me she'd been given detention for talking during an assembly after being told to stop by her teacher.

"I asked her what she thought her punishment should be and she told me I should take her electronics away for a while. So that's what I did.

"I had planned to do that anyway, but the fact that she thought it was a reasonable punishment impressed me."

The dad-of-four went on to reveal how he usually takes a strict approach when it comes to punishing his children.

He added: "Some people might think I'm too strict, but she has since told me she's learned from her mistake and never wants to get a detention again.

"She also asked me if she could have her electronics back, to which I answered, 'No.'"

Back in May, ex wife Katie Price made a dig at Pete's style of parenting.

The former glamour model, who shares son Junior, 14, and daughter Princess with the singer, admitted their children preferred her "feral" ways.

Speaking at the launch of her kids range, she said: “All I'll say is. I'm my parent this side, and the other side parents' eating ethic is very different to mine.”

Turning to Princess she said: “Your side, dad's side eat different to my side.”

The star continued: “(They are) Completely different. They're very strict, I'm very laid back.

“I'd rather my kids be quite feral, get to know, work things out themselves. Eat what you like, try what you like. Rather than worry about if it puts on weight, and this and that. Trust me.

“But then at the same time. When kids' parents split up they learn to adapt.”

Pete and wife Emily, 29, work together when it comes to parenting.

However, doctor Emily admitted they don't always see eye to eye. 

She told OK! magazine: "You just have to work as a team when you’re parenting and I’m sure lots of parents have had similar discussions.

"Of course you’re not always going to see eye to eye, but I guess you just have to pick the battles that you feel strongly about and then compromise on other things."

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