Peter Andre is writing music again as he prepares for comeback after coronavirus pushed back huge tour
28th June 2020

PETER Andre is writing music again as he prepares for a comeback after coronavirus pushed back his huge tour.

The 47-year-old said he's missing his fans and being out on the road in the latest episode of Life with the Andres.

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As well as juggling being a full-time dad at home, Pete has been busy writing new music ready for when he can get back on stage to perform.

On tonight’s show on The Sun's YouTube channel, Peter says: "I'm really missing touring.

"I've been looking at my diary and I would have been doing the Grease theatre shows now.

"I also had loads of gigs lined up playing to 15-20,000 people all over the world. I'm missing seeing my band and the fans.

"I spoke with Claire, my friend and manager, and luckily all the gigs have been moved to next year, but we are trying to work all the dates out.

"We sadly lost a huge international TV show – due to record in two weeks but it can’t happen. This has hit everyone in different ways ."

He continued: "I've been writing with other well-known singer-songwriters. One of the tracks I've written is called Confidence, it's about people who haven't got a lot of confidence – maybe someone who has disabilities, or they're worried about their looks or they're overweight – it's a great track."

Peter's also spent the week getting the kids ready for school after they reopened amid the coronavirus crisis.

"Emily has been at work, so I've been in charge of taking the kids to school," said Pete.

"She was trying to teach me how to do Millie's hair and trying to remember to put fruit in their packed lunches. I think I did ok , I’ve learnt to be a multi- tasker."

Peter, who has bought properties all over the world, reflected on how he has utilised his huge success over the years – admitting that he is glad his dad taught him to invest in property for a rainy day or his pension.

The star also revealed that he is currently focusing on his fitness, admitting he feels "guilty" if he doesn't workout every day.

But he does end up binging on chocolate at night time as he relaxes with his family.

"I love chocolate so much," he said.

"If we're going to have some in the evening, I've normally eaten a few squares of chocolate before I've taken it back to the family to share on the couch.

"I've got that all under control though. I workout every day and if I don't I end up feeling guilty.

"I eat really well in the day and then I relax in the evenings, it's all in moderation.

"I'm really happy with my body at the moment, I'm feeling great."

The singer last week revealed he has doubled the length of his new reality show to 30 minutes every week after smashing ratings for the new Sun series.

The YouTube show takes fans inside the hustle and bustle of the Andre household, warts and all, as Peter and Emily share difficult parenting decisions and even how they co-parent his eldest kids with ex Katie Price.

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