Outlander’s Sam on disastrous result of transforming into Jamie
31st October 2022

Sam Heughan recalls ‘disastrous’ hairstyle

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Although Outlander season six came to an end in May, some interesting revelations from the set continue to be unveiled including a major mishap. Jamie Fraser star Sam Heughan detailed the disastrous results of dyeing his hair which forced him to wear a wig.  

Since Sam first appeared on screens as Scottish Highlander Jamie, his ginger locks have remained a major topic of discussion. 

Throughout the series, the character has sported long curly tresses which often fell across his forehead. 

In season six, the character’s hair was long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail, which also sparked a frenzy among fans. 

However, achieving these hairstyles wasn’t always easy for the actor who eventually resorted to wearing wigs. 

Reflecting on his hairstyles throughout the show, Sam shared: “We dyed it the first couple of weeks, we dyed it seven times in two weeks. 

“They flew us all around the UK to different hairdressers, just trying to find the best hairdresser.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, he reflected: “And then eventually, we were dying it every couple of weeks and at some point, my hair just gave up.

“It said ‘I’ve had enough’ and went purple and wouldn’t take anymore, so that’s when we introduced the wig.”

At several points in the series, Jamie also rocked a bob, a mullet and had his tresses flowing past his shoulders. 

Viewers first got their look at Jamie’s recent hair do before season six premiered when the promo photos were first released. 

Speaking on the look, Sam said: “I do have a new wig. That’s true. It’s called Adzo.

“I do have a new wig and I am very pleased with it. We have gotten very friendly together,” he told Entertainment Weekly. 

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Away from Outlander, the actor sports a low haircut, which is occasionally tousled at the top whenever it grows some length. 

Although it’s yet to be seen if Jamie will have a new hair do in season seven, his wife Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) underwent a major hair cut. 

The doctor who usually had bouncy black shoulder-length hair with streaks of grey had a dramatic change when she fell ill.

Claire was bed bound with a high temperature for a week, when her housekeeper Mrs Bug (Sarah Collier) and Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) gave her a major trim. 

When she eventually recovered, Claire was taken aback by her new and very short hair do and was worried Jamie would no longer desire her. 

Their daughter Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton) told her Mrs Bug was convinced the haircut would instantly make her feel better.

Although she did recover Claire’s hair did grow as the season drew to a close, however, the actress also revealed she too wore a wig. 

Claire shared a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram, with hairstylist Kerry Skelton captioned: “When we almost went with the mullet ….. weirdly @TallShipProds wouldn’t let us.”

Outlander season six is available on Starz in the US and available on Lionsgate+ in the UK.

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