Oscar Isaac Demands Mayoral Recall In ‘Saturday Night Live’ ‘PAW Patrol’ Sketch
7th March 2022

Oscar Issac nearly broke character during his Saturday Night Live hosting debut in a silly sketch about PAW Patrol, where he played City Councilman Herb Tangier.

Herb, who has a permanent look of dismay on his face, is challenging a controversial initiative set in place by Mayor Goodway (Ego Nwodim) called the PAW Patrol initiative—and he’s demanding she’s recalled. The initiative saw the Mayor fire all the local police, firefighters, and paramedics and replace them with a group of 6 talking dogs.

“The PAW Patrol is run by a six-year-old boy named Ryder,” Herb explained. “Who is this kid? Beats me. As far as we can tell, he has no parents and he doesn’t go to school. But maybe that’s for the best because with all of our tax dollars paying for all these cockapoos jetpacks, we now have one of the worst schools in the state.”

Crime is booming in this town and Herb demands Mayor Goodway is removed from office. In the final beat of the sketch, he reveals Goodway is not only a foe but also his wife.

Watch the sketch in full above.

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