'OG Housewives' Make Andy Cohen Squirm by Asking if He Thinks They're to Blame for Their Drama
24th December 2018

Vicki Gunvalson, Ramona Singer, Nene Leakes, Teresa Giudice and Kyle Richards turn the tables on the “Watch What Happens Live” host with tough questions of their own.

After more than 12 years and 47 reunions, "It’s time for you to get your reunion revenge," Andy Cohen told the "OG Housewives" he had as guests for his big two-part year-end "Watch What Happens Live" extravaganza.

That meant Vicki Gunvalson ("RHOC"), Ramona Singer ("RHONY"), Nene Leakes ("RHOA"), Teresa Guidice ("RHONJ") and Kyle Richards ("RHOBH") each got the opportunity to turn the tables and put Andy under the spotlight. In true "Housewife" fashion, they took this opportunity to find out what he really thought of them and the drama that makes up their lives, and fuels everyone’s ratings.

By the end of the ordeal. Andy looked like he was sweating, lamenting how hard it was to be grilled like this with everyone staring at him. "This is brutal, this is really brutal," he said, squirming under their very pointed questions.

"Would you like us to ask you these questions for 12 hours like you ask us?" Kyle asked with a wicked smile. Point taken.


Ramona kicked things off by asking about something that’s become a sort of signature more for her. Of all the "Housewife’ walk-offs during reunions, which one annoyed Andy the most?

"I would say almost every walkoff has annoyed me in the last couple of years because I just– You guys know that I like to power through, I like to finish it," Andy tried to explain, referring to the production itself. Reunion shows take the better part of a day to film, so we can’t blame him.

"I’ve been so annoyed by them. It’s a setback in shooting" he continued about recent walkouts. "I don’t think it’s exciting. I don’t like it." Vicki didn’t particularly like that answer, seeing it as a copout, but it looked more like Andy is just over the dramatics of that gesture. It’s a time-waster, and it’s certainly not novel anymore.


Kyle referred back to a very specific bunny rabbit and honestly was asking a question she already knew the answer to … we think she just wanted to chuckle over Kim bringing back the stuffed rabbit Lisa Rinna gave her years ago. The rabbit now lives as one of the mementos in Andy’s studio.

"What I really thought is I thought it was really funny and I couldn’t stop laughing," Andy admitted. "And then when I saw how upset Rinna got, I started feeling bad."

With the benefit of history, though, both he and Kim were able to again laugh about the strange moment when Kim made a big deal out of returning the rabbit to Lisa, explaining that because of it’s "bad energy" she didn’t feel good about giving it to her grandson. Sure, Kim. It was just pettiness. We all see you.


Teresa Guidice was the first "Housewife" to put Andy on the spot about the drama in her life, trying to force him to give his honest opinion. He often tries to stay above the fray and not chime in during the reunions, but that doesn’t mean he is without opinions.

And based on the squirming that started right here, he’s got some pretty strong ones and he’s really not comfortable about sharing them. The ladies were definitely doing a great job of giving him a sense of what they go through when he’s the one asking questions.

First, he stalled for time, saying, "Wow. Okay, Okay, let me figure this out. I’m unpacking this."

To his credit, Andy tactfully presented his truth, telling Teresa, "I think part of me wants to say a little bit you, but what I think is the issue is that I think you and your brother are a lot alike. And I think that you both are so passionate, I don’t think you both take stuff in that the other is saying."

And to Teresa’s credit, she took the feedback pretty well, even if he was saying she should take some ownership over everything.


Things didn’t go quite so smoothly for Vicki, who asked a similar questions. She wanted to know who made more mistakes in her friendship with Tamra Judge, but she was clearly not prepared for the possibility of a tough answer. Did she really expect Andy would say it was all Tamra?

"I think you two repeat things a lot," he said candidly. "I think you repeat mistakes a lot." At this point, she started getting defensive but Andy wasn’t interested. "Well, whatever, you’re asking me, so I’m saying."

He then told her quite plainly, "I think that you might have a harder time taking ownership of some things."

Once again, Vicki immediately jumped to her own defense, in effect confirming what Andy said. "When I’m not wrong, I’m not gonna take ownership of something that they want to say I’m wrong on," she said, as the other ladies burst into gales of laughter.


Nene took a different approach, not asking Andy’s take on anything she was a part of, but rather wanting to know who he thinks is to blame for the fight that got physical between Kenya and Porsha. The 2014 reunion altercation culminated in Kenya caling 911 and Porsha charged with assault.

"Do you blame Kenya for bringing the blow horn or Porshia for getting physical?" Nene asked Andy, causing him to squirm yet again. "That is such a good question and it’s almost a chicken and an egg thing."

At this point, Andy admitted that he was not reading the room as well as he probably should have in regards to how much Kenya was provoking and aggravating Porsha throughout the taping (which, if you’ll recall, can run 12 hours or so).

Finally, though, he came to a conclusion that Nene did not agree with. "I think that because Porshia got up out of the chair, that to me was the thing," he said as Nene made a very disappointed face. "I understand that she was being provoked, but she got out of the chair."

To him, it appears to be a very black-and-white thing. Kenya was goading her, but it was Porsha who let her get under her skin. So when someone who is being bullied snaps, is it the fault of the bully or the person who snapped or some combination of both?

Yeah, we can see why Andy was squirming under these questions, and why so many of the "Housewives" have squirmed under his grilling in all those reunion specials. In all honestly, and we’re not ashamed to admit it, they’re sometimes more entertaining than the series that preceded them.

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