‘Not feeling it’ A Place in the Sun pair cut short ‘characterless’ Danni properties
2nd September 2021

During the latest rerun of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 host Danni Menzies was back to help Neil and Linda from Lanarkshire their dream holiday home in Antequera, Spain. With a budget of £140,000, the couple were hoping to find a four-bedroom property with plenty of space. They went on to add that for the right home, their budget could stretch to £150,000. Despite getting off to a great start, things soon took a turn when the couple cut one property viewing short. They even branded one holiday home as “characterless”.

The first property Danni took the couple to was a four-bed townhouse.

The property expert seemed to get off to a good start as the couple were impressed before they had even stepped foot inside.

However, when the viewing began Linda and Neil noticed how “compact” the house was.

“It’s nice but it’s a bit small,” Linda said as Danni showed them the “small” kitchen.

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Neil also seemed to like the townhouse although he pointed out there wasn’t enough space outside for his bikes.

Taking their feedback on board, Danni soon moved on to the next property viewing.

The property expert took the couple to a house with a lot more space, although it was priced at the high end of their budget.

Linda told Danni she wasn’t keen at first because she felt the property was “isolated” from shops and amenities.

Although, the house hunter quickly changed her mind as soon as she stepped foot inside.

At the third property, both Linda and Neil fell in love with the house straight away, and they instantly ruled out the first two viewings.

It seemed Danni had one contender in the bag, and she hoped the fourth property would also impress the couple.

As they stood outside, she explained the house was ready to move in and they wouldn’t have to do any renovation work to it.


However, before the viewing had even begun, Linda said: “I am not keen about the view.”

As the duo looked around the four-bedroom house on their own, neither of them were “feeling it”.

Neil pointed out that after seeing the third house, it didn’t live up to their expectations.

Speaking to Danni afterwards, Linda said: “I’m not loving it. I’ve got no passion for it.”


She continued: “There is no character in this property. It’s just a new build.”

Things didn’t get any better for Danni with the final house as the pair ended up cutting the viewing short.

Linda ruled out the four-bedroom villa straight away, as she explained: “It’s not winning me over.”

Despite making her feelings clear, they continued with the viewing until they got to the bedroom.

“It’s not a contender,” Neil agreed, cutting the viewing short.

“So, we’re writing it off, right here, right now?” Danni asked. “So do we need to see any more of this one?”

“No,” Linda simply replied.

Despite falling in love with the third house, Linda and Neil decided to think about their options and didn’t put an offer in for any of the holiday homes.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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