‘Not answering the question!’ A Place in the Sun’s Ben Hillman dodges property price probe
19th August 2022

A Place in the Sun: Ben grilled by guest about property

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House hunter Ben Hillman was on the lookout for luxury properties in Portugal for couple Steph and Ian as they tried to track down their ideal holiday home for early retirement. However, Steph was rather unimpressed when the A Place in the Sun host dodged her inquiry into one apartment’s value during their time on the Channel 4 property show.

The couple had a budget of £280,000 which could be stretched to £300,000 if they came across their ideal home.

Steph was eager to find something modern and open plan, while Ian wanted to be within walking distance of a bar, restaurant and golf course.

When they came to the second property in Vila Sol, Ben claimed he had found them the perfect holiday home, but Steph understandably had concerns over the pricing.

“I think, this time, I’ve done it all!” he exclaimed.

Steph was nonplussed when Ben showed them the property – a modern apartment with a roof terrace overlooking a public pool.

Ben continued: “You were pretty hard on my last property. It wasn’t perfection. This is perfection.”

Steph cautiously cut in: “Hang on. How much is it?”

The A Place in the Sun host paused and replied: “Right, okay. Two beds, two baths. Available in three months.”

The buyer gave him a stern look and said: “That’s not answering the question.”

Thankfully, Steph’s concerns dissipated when Ben revealed the property was just over their budget, and way below their maximum offer.

“Okay, I’m just building what you’re getting here!” he replied.

“Perfect location, amazing swimming pool… it’s just under £286,500.”

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Steph was clearly shocked and exclaimed: “Really? That’s amazing.”

They were just as impressed when Ben confirmed the maintenance cost was just £106 a month.

Although Ian had some slight concerns about the kitchen, they almost immediately fell in love with the property.

The roof terrace was clearly a highlight, and Ian was excited about the BBQ opportunities the space would present.

“This is absolutely stunning,” Steph remarked as Ian quipped: “Let’s put the offer in.”

Ian admitted the second property would be hard to beat, and the next three homes weren’t quite up to their standards.

At the end of the episode, the couple decided they had made the right choice and offered £264,000 for the property, though this was rejected.

Thankfully, their second offer of £272,000 was accepted and they nabbed their ideal holiday home for well below their initial budget.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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