Nine Coronation Street spoilers as Kelly set for relapse after Laura's death
11th April 2022

KELLY Neelan is beside herself following the death of both of her parents.

She faces a dramatic relapse into her bad habits to try and cope with her grief. Get the lowdown on all the upcoming Coronation Street drama.

1. Rick drops an inheritance bombshell

Prior to her death, Laura Neelan (portrayed by Kel Allen) tried to track down her former husband Rick in a bid to secure money for their daughter Kelly (Millie Gibson).

Little did she know the loan shark already had everything planned out should anything happen to him.

This week, while Kelly gets a bombshell from beyond the grave.

She tries to come to terms with Laura's death but is overwhelmed after learning she stands to inherit everything from the ruthless loan shark.

This even includes the family home, leaving her in a comfortable financial position.

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Kelly asks Gary Windass (Mikey North) to go and check on the house for her.

After doing so, and finding a photo of a smiling Rick in the neglected home, Gary goes back to Victoria Court with some belongings to bring back to Kelly.

But the wayward teen is overcome with emotion when faced with the memories from her childhood.

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Will Kelly let her demons win?Credit: ITV

2. Kelly hits rock bottom

Overwhelmed, Kelly rushes out and finds a quiet spot in Victoria Garden.

But the youngster could rekindle with her old habits as it's revealed she has her later mother's morphine bottle.

Kelly unscrews the top – just as Abi Webster (Sally Carman) arrives and joins her.

Abi is another figure in the cobbles who knows how hard battling your addictions can be.

She has even had to face her own drugs relapse.

Can the mechanic convince Kelly to not let her demons win?

3. Gary loses his cool

Later on, Gary and Kelly attend Rick's funeral alongside Maria (Samia Longchambon), who was first reluctant at the thought of tagging along.

Aware his dark secret may be revealed to Kelly, Gary nervously glances around, hoping that none of Rick's cronies will show up.

But when Gary, Kelly and Maria gather at the graveside, a man approaches and spits on Rick's coffin.

He then tells Kelly he hopes her father rots in hell.

Gary is at breaking point and throws the first punch.

A fight breaks out and no one notices a photographer is lurking in the bushes.

Could this mean trouble for Maria as she continues to dabble in local politics?

4. Amy discovers Summer's secret

The jig is up for Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) as her secret battle with her eating disorder is revealed this week.

Coming up, her guardian Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) is worried when he realises she has been up all night revising.

He warns her she'll burn herself out, which could send her blood sugars all over the place.

But while he picks up on some worrying signs, Billy won't be the one to shed light on Summer's disordered eating.

Later, Billy reminds her that she promised to help out at the church but Summer insists she doesn't have the time.

Billy is concerned but, thankfully, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) agrees to help and promises to speak to Summer.

Amy keeps her word and calls for Summer.

She manages to convince her to take a break from all her work to grab a quick coffee.

Both friends end up in Roy Cropper's café and when the latter gives them bacon sandwiches on the house, Summer panics but pretends to be grateful.

The girls take them back to the flat to eat and Amy leaves.

But when she returns to grab her phone, Amy hears her friend retching in the bathroom.

Summer denies making herself sick however, Amy is unconvinced and threatens to speak to Billy about her eating disorder.

Stressed, Summer begs her not to and vows she will never do it again.

What should Amy do?

5. Craig makes a shock admission

Faye recently found out she was pregnant and was over the moon when her partner Craig (Colson Smith) told her he was ready to step up to the plate by getting back into the police force.

Sadly, the couple received some distressing news and are now in grief.

But Faye remains determined to embrace motherhood as soon as possible.

At the Underworld factory, she shows Craig a fertility app she downloaded on her phone.

Yet Craig doesn't feel as settled in this choice as Faye.

He confides in his mother Beth (Lisa George) that he believes it's too soon but refuses to tell Faye anything.

However, Beth isn't the type to keep secrets and tells Faye that Craig isn't ready for a baby.

Will this cause more arguing for the couple?

6. Daniel gets some unwanted attention

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) has rekindled his relationship with Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

But while he has to deal with her jealous streak as she tries to keep his ex Nicky Wheatley away from him, the Weatherfield teacher is set for some unwanted and unexpected flirting.

To make matters worse, this all comes from Headteacher Orla Crawshaw (Carla Mendonça).

It all begins when Daniel attends a meeting about a school trip but is taken aback when she tells him her husband has recently left her.

Daniel volunteers to take over the planning of the trip to Edinburgh and teaching assistant Nicky offers to help.

Daisy finds out when Mrs Crawshaw calls at the café and thanks Daniel for agreeing to organise the trip with Nicky's help.

But the Rovers barmaid should actually be worrying about the Weatherfield Headteacher.

Later, Daniel is shocked when Mrs. Crawshaw later calls at his flat.

It quickly becomes clear that she has been harbouring a crush on Daniel as she's waving a bottle of wine and insisting he call her by her first name Orla.

What should Daniel do?

7. Imran makes Toyah an offer

Once she found out her former fiancé Imran Habeeb (played by actor Charlie De Melo) was the father of Abi's son, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) had to give up on adopting their foster daughter Elsie.

But the solicitor has a shocking offer for her.

This week, Toyah's heart breaks as Elsie leaves with the social worker and drowns her sorrows.

She first tries to confront Imran in his office but finds out he is visiting Alfie in hospital.

When Imran asks her to let him put things right, Toyah is lets out how she feels.

Imran then goes flat hunting and suggests Abi could move in with Alfie but she turns him down.

When he finds out from Kelly that Abi saved her from taking morphine in the wake of her mother Laura's death, Imran is worried as he recalls the mechanic's recent drugs relapse.

Imran shares his fears with Toyah and decides to fight for custody of Alfie.

He even goes a step further by claiming he would love Toyah to help him raise his son.

Abi is clearly trying to clean up her act by wanting to return to work but Imran's decision to fight for custody bursts her bubble and prompts her to turn to her own solicitor Elliot.

Both her and Imran make it clear to one another they are ready to fight for Alfie – but he won't be playing fair to get what he wants.

8. Kirk gets promoted

A long-term packer at the Underworld factory, Kirk Sutherland's (Andrew Whyment) efforts are finally recognised this week as he get a surprise promotion.

It all begins when Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) explains to Michael and Faye that they desperately need more orders and they’re offering a weekly bonus to the person with the best sales figures.

However, Kirk is the one to save the day.

Sarah and Carla Connor (Alison King) are dumbfounded when he manages to win over the new client as he shows him round the packing area.

Clearly impressed, Mr Geronimo places an order.

Beth insists Carla and Sarah should promote Kirk and they reluctantly agree to give him the title of "Extra Office Administrator."

9. Nick gives Sam some advice

Elsewhere, Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) has a new crush this week.

The smitten young boy admits to Hope and Roy that he likes his new chess opponent Jalena.

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