Nick jailed in Corrie as his theft of Audrey's money is exposed?
5th April 2019

Later, she tells David that she really wants to learn the trade and will not be forced to quit. As David seems to be thawing to her, despite the risk she poses, Nick is given cause for concern. And it’s all about to get a lot worse.

Nick is in the thick of it as he gets the factory lines up and running at the community centre but when the police then turn up looking for the company accounts as part of the investigation into the collapse, Nick sweats as Sarah (Tina O’Brien) dutifully hands them over.

Nick reminds David that the police could easily spot Audrey’s money in the accounts – and they could be looking at not just shattering their gran’s heart but also a hefty prison sentence.

Can they wriggle their way out of this?

One to watch: Friday 12th April at 7:30pm on ITV.

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