Newly Married 'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Pivarnick Spotted Getting Super Cozy With This 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star
18th December 2019

Trouble in paradise? Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick was just spotted getting super cozy with Bachelor in Paradise star Christian Estrada. Pivarnick just tied the knot with her husband, Chris Larangeira, sparking rumors that their marriage might be headed for some rough waters. So what were Pivarnick and Estrada up to?

‘Jersey Shore’ meets ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Angelina Pivarnick was recently spotted hanging out with a group of friends at the Sugary Factory in New York City. Eyewitnesses got a video of the reality star who was very shy about appearing in front of the cameras.

Sources claim that the Jersey Shore star and Estrada got extra cozy with each other throughout the evening, despite her being recently married. It is unclear why the two were hanging out, though Pivarnick did recently admit that she is not done with her partying ways.

The Bachelor in Paradise star later posted a few photos ofhis night with Pivarnick on social media.

We do not know if the two were just catching up as old friends orif there was something more going on, but the sighting has led to rumors thatPivarnick’s marriage is already on the rocks.

Angelina Pivarnick opens up about her partying ways

Earlier this month, Pivarnick talked about her plans to havechildren with Larangeira. Thepair exchanged vows in November and Pivarnick revealed that her husband wantsto have children right away.

“He wanted a baby even before we got married,” she stated.

Although Pivarnick is getting a bit older, Jersey Shore fans should not expect her to announce a pregnancy anytime soon. According to Page Six, the reality star admitted that she still wants to do some partying before she starts a family with her new husband.

“I feel, like, right now I still have a little bit of party leftin me,” she revealed. “I would say, like, another summer — and thenprobably after the summer we’re going to work on it.”

Pivarnick added that the timing is not right for her to have ababy anyway. Between Larangeira’sjob and her building her reality TV career, they are too busy to have a littleone running around the house.

That said, the Jersey Shore star knows that her window forhaving children is getting smaller and she wants to give Larangeira a child of his own. It is just amatter of getting the timing just right.

Is Pivarnick quitting ‘Jersey Shore’?

Pivarnick stirred up a lot of drama with her Jersey Shoreco-stars this past season. Despite all of the feuding and bickering, she has noplans of quitting the series. But she is enjoying a break from all the drama.

The Jersey Shore star revealed that she cannot wait to spend Christmas with her new husband and is looking forward to all of the new traditions they will establish at their house on Staten Island.

“We’re going tohave Christmas at our house, which is going to be good, because now we finallyhave a house,” she shared. “I’m going to have my grandma come, my grandfather,my sisters, my niece. We’re going to do Christmas Eve, and then Christmas Daywe’re going to go to his family.”

Although it sounds like Angelina Pivarnick is looking forward to the holidays, there is no telling how the latest rumors about her and Estrada will play out. She has not addressed what happened between her and the BIP star, so we will have to wait and see how this develops.

The fact that Estrada shared a photo with Pivarnick is a goodsign that nothing happened, but hopefully Pivarnick clears things up in thedays to come.

Pivarnick hopes for a fresh start

In the meantime, Pivarnick is hoping that the new year will bringher a fresh start. She opened up about her plans for 2020 during an eventsupporting Little Flower Children services in the Big Apple and revealed thatshe is not letting the past determine her future.

“I live day by day, so I’m going to try to forget about thepast,” she explained.

Pivarnick added that she tends to forgive people way too easilyand for 2020, she is cutting down her circle of friends. She also admitted thatthings have been hard, alluding to all the drama that unfolded at her wedding.

As fans will recall, several of Pivarnick’s Jersey Shore co-stars served as bridesmaids for her wedding, including Deena Nicole Cortese, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Jenni “JWoww” Farley, all of whom bashed her at the wedding reception.

An inside source claims that the trio made jokes at Pivarnick’sexpense, which did not go over well with the crowd. Polizzi announced herdeparture from Jersey Shore a few weeks after the wedding fiasco, thoughher exit is not believed to be related to what happened at the ceremony.

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