New Stranger Things teaser reveals season three episode titles
10th December 2018

The plot of season three of Stranger Things is being kept under wraps, but Netflix have given fans a brand new teaser that reveals little, but is certain to keep the speculation mounting in the run-up to its release sometime in 2019.

In a video posted to Twitter, not only did they only confirm the show will be retuning in 2019 and is set in the summer of 1985, they also revealed the titles that will accompany each of the eight new episodes.

The episode titles are, predictably, vague:

1. “Suzie, Do You Copy?”

2. “The Mall Rats”

3. “The Case of the Missing Life Guard”

4. “The Sauna Test”

5. “The Source”

6. “The Birthday”

7. “The Bite”

8. “The Battle of Starcourt”

Even though they don’t give much away, we are able to speculate a little on some of them – especially in relation the finale.

We know our band of lovable heroes will be spending some of their time in Starcourt Mall over the summer, and it seems their final showdown will be held here.

We already knew the show would be set in 1985 – a year after the events of season two – and will cover the trials of growing up as well as all the spooky goings on in Hawkins.

“Even if we didn’t want to deal with [puberty], we have to deal with it because our real-life actors are going through it," the Duffer Brothers said.

"I think that’s exciting because it forces the show to evolve and become something different every year.”

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Stranger Things season 3 will drop in 2019.

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