New Love Island All Stars exciting twist ahead of bombshell new series
15th August 2023

Love Island is due for a huge shakeup as ITV is looking to rejuvenate the show with a glamorous new offering called Love Island All Stars.

Building on the legacy of the show's ten-series run, the upcoming winter edition will feature fan-favourite contestants from previous seasons, all set in a villa in Cape Town, South Africa. However, producers are also considering introducing unexpected elements to stir things up.

In addition to bringing back familiar faces, there are discussions about introducing ordinary individuals who are not part of the Love Island fame circuit. This move is intended to test whether the participants are genuinely seeking love or just seeking fame.

The producers hope that adding fresh faces to the mix will challenge the established dynamics and motives of the contestants.

A source revealed to The Sun : "Love Island bosses want to make sure they’re out of the ratings slump when winter rolls around for All Stars. They are working out ways to give the show a real kick and to make the format have a lasting impact on viewers."

While the show is known for its drama and love triangles, the introduction of new contestants could reignite old rivalries and love interests, potentially leading to unexpected and captivating storylines.

This approach aims to determine whether the show's participants are focused on forming genuine connections or are primarily interested in boosting their public profiles.

The source added: "It would really test out that argument that people now just use Love Island for fame. It’s all very exciting for the team who are working on it because nothing is off the table."

The Love Island All Stars edition, set to air in January on ITV2, is part of a significant format change aimed at revitalising the show. Hosted by the popular Maya Jama, the show hopes to capture both high ratings and genuine romance, breathing new life into the Love Island franchise.

A source told MailOnline : “The winter series of Love Island has been axed for a second time… viewers just aren't interested in watching the show twice a year.

“It will be replaced by a brand new All Stars series, which will feature former Islanders who are still looking for love.

“In terms of iconic Love Island stars who are now happily married including the likes of Olivia Attwood, producers are looking into cameo appearances so that they still involve fan favourites from the years gone by.”

The series has been experimenting with bringing back previous Islanders recently, including Adam Collard and Kady McDermott who have returned to the show years after their initial appearances and Jessie Wynter, who first found fame on Love Island Australia.

The winter series of Love Island was won earlier this year by Sanam Harrinanan and Kai Fagan while Paige Turley and Finn Tapp were Love Island winter winners in 2020.

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