New Leaked Photos of Robert Pattinson's Batman Suit
21st February 2020

Clearer pictures of Robert Pattinson’s batsuit were leaked today. These new photos and a video were apparently taken during a location shoot at the Glasgow Necropolis cemetery in Scotland and feature Robert Pattinson’s stuntman.

Director Reeves posted a camera test of Robert Pattinson in the costume on February 13, but the video clip was dimly lit in red and didn’t give a full-body look at the new Batman. In these new pictures, Pattinson’s batsuit notably has intriguing gauntlets that don’t resemble any others we’ve seen in previous movies. The cowl’s ears are also shaped more like spikes than the more subtle ears of Ben Affleck’s batsuit. Pattison’s ears also look like those drawn by comic book artist, Norm Breyfogle.

People online are guessing that the film takes place during Bruce’s second year as Batman, judging from this less slick and rougher version of the batsuit. Noticeably, Pattison isn’t wearing a cape either, but that could be added later using CGI. It would logistically be difficult for Pattinson to film while riding a motorcycle with a giant cape behind him.

Aside from casting and Pattinson’s batsuit looks, details about the new Batman movie are still relatively unknown. How the movie will be tied into the rest of the DCEU is also undetermined. We may very well have to wait until its release in June 25, 2021 to find out.

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