Netflix's Catching Killers branded a 'witch trial' for making sex worker who shot seven men dead 'look like a monster'
15th November 2021

NETFLIX’S Catching Killers has been branded a “witch trial” for portraying a sex worker who shot seven men dead “look like a monster”.

The new true crime doc follows detectives and analysts who have bore witness to horrific murders over the span of their diverse careers.

However, the second episode of the hit series – titled ‘Manhunter: Aileen Wuornos and tackling the story of killer sex worker Wuornos who shot dead seven men between 1989 and 1990 – has drawn criticism from viewers.

Wuornos was found guilty for the murder of six out of the seven men that she killed.

She was sentenced to death and later executed by lethal injection by the state of Florida, but not before claiming that she had acted in self-defence each time.

Her claims came as she suggested that each of her victims had either raped or hurt her while they were soliciting her for sex.

The criticism for Catching Killers seems to stem mostly from the idea that the show focuses on the story from the perspective of the investigating officers – without paying particular attention to the plight of the person being hunted.

One Twitter user expressed their disdain for the show's point of view by saying: “Not Netflix and Catching Killers painting a cop-men-perfect picture while making Aileen Wuornos be the monster whose side of the story is not even shown.”

Someone else said: “I just feel for Aileen Wuornos, so badly. She was set up to fail and no one helped her.”

While another fumed: “Aileen Wuornos is, in my opinion, the worlds most misunderstood serial murderer. I’m actually on her side in all of it.”

Criticism of the show comes as there hasn't been an abundance of similar criticism for any of the other episodes, which focus on the likes of 'Green River Killer' Gary Leon Ridgway, and 'Happy Face Killer' Keith Hunter Jesperson.

Catching Killers is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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