Netflix Is Rebooting The Baby-Sitters Club – See the Original Cast Then and Now!
28th February 2019

The bossy head of the Baby-Sitters’ Club was played by Sissy Spacek’s daughter, then 13. She’s still an actress (most recently seen in The Nanny) and is also a singer/songwriter.

Already well-known from her titular role on the Nickelodeon show The Secret World of Alex Mack, the actress played dreamy California-born Dawn. She has continued to act, notably in 10 Things I Hate About You, but also in Mad Men and Law & Order: SVU (pictured).

Another BSC member who went on to be a teen queen, Rachael became a superstar thanks to films including She’s All That and Josie and the Pussycats. She still acts, most recently in a recurring role on Criminal Minds.

Glamorous New York transplant Stacey got the romantic plotline and the medical emergency plotline (she had diabetes). Bre continues to act in dramatic roles, primarily on television.

To help their candy-obsessed but grades-indifferent pal Claudia pass a test, the BSC came up with the rap that you will now never be able to get out of your head: “The brain, the brain, the center of the chain…” Hopefully those study-supporting raps helped Joe, who according to Facebook no longer acts but did get a BS in Criminal Justice.

By the time Zelda played one of the junior members of the club, she had already been in Spike Lee’s Crooklyn and several TV shows. She has not acted much since (in part because of the lack of good roles for black actresses, she said in an interview she gave as a student at Princeton) but does perform as the lead singer of Zelda and the Lo Los.

Stacey was a prolific child actress who retired from acting shortly after the Baby-Sitters Club film. She is now a Houston-based yoga instructor and doula.

Austin, who played Kristy’s boyfriend Logan, overcame the haircut that all mid-’90s heartthrobs had to have in order to act for several more decades. Today, he focuses on life behind the camera as a Chicago- and L.A.-based event photographer.

Mean girl Cokie got her comeuppance in the end, and Marla continued to act – most recently in the Fuller House revival in which she reprised her role as Gia.

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