Neighbours theory: Karl Kennedy betrays Susan as beloved character’s exit plot exposed
8th April 2022

Neighbours 2022 official teaser trailer

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Karl (played by Alan Fletcher) seems to have become dismayed in Neighbours recently over the fact Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) has managed to buy himself a lovely new home with stunning views of the Australian countryside scenery. The doctor has therefore wanted to jump on board of the success his colleague seems to have made with investments to generate the same fortune as he has. Unfortunately, his methods will be a little unorthodox in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap as he seems to go ahead and make plans without Susan (Jackie Woodburne) having an input.

The drama continues from this week’s episodes where Karl has seemed interested in investing in Montana Marcel’s (Tammin Sursok) cosmetics company.

After talking it through with his wife, the doctor was left frustrated when Susan didn’t seem to be on the same page as him.

By the time next week’s instalments come around, neither of them has come to an agreement, with Susan continuing to usher her husband towards investing in The Tram.

Going behind her back in a big betrayal twist, Karl decides to hand over $20,000 worth of investment, hoping he will reap the rewards of his actions.

Feeling proud about his achievement, the doctor knows on some level what he has done is wrong as he feels guilty about not telling his wife.

However, what he also doesn’t realise is Montana’s business isn’t as feasible as he thinks it is as she is actually trying to avoid the tax office.

Some digging from Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) private investigator details how she owes the tax office a lot of money after defrauding them.

It’s quite a sum of money Karl has put down and if he discovers the cosmetic line isn’t going to give him the payout he thinks it will, he could be the creek without a paddle.

He will have some explaining to do to Susan as he won’t even have the money to replace the missing $20,000 from their account.

She will be furious to discover this betrayal, especially after she warned him not to make an investment without her say so.

That’s just the realities of TV land

Alan Fletcher

With the show ending later this year after 37 years on air, writers are currently looking at how to wrap up each character’s storylines.

This could be part of how Karl and Susan will leave Ramsay Street, a place they have called home for the best part of three decades.

As their fund will be extremely tight, the couple might discover they don’t have the money to keep up the mortgage on their property.

Their only option would be to sell their house, meaning they could get their hands on some money to continue living their lives and buy a smaller place.

Of course, this won’t be an easy decision to make as Susan could think divorcing her husband would be a much better option.

Though, the couple have been through so much over the past three decades so it would be heartbreaking to see them split at the final hurdle.

The lead up to the last episode, which is set to air in August, will be a tribute to the loyal fans of the show and breaking up one of the show’s best-loved couples would be blasphemy.

But to see them leave would mark the end of their time on Ramsay Street but the possible start of a fresh chapter for another family.

These characters could be involved in future storylines if the beloved daytime programme is brought back to life in a few years’ time.

Since the news the soap would be ending, both the actors who play Karl and Susan, Alan and Jackie respectively, have given their thoughts.

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Get out of my pub, you’re no soaps fan

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You love watching the soaps so much your entire week is planned around when they air

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning last month, Alan said: “Channel 5’s been a wonderful, wonderful partner for Neighbours for many, many years.

“In the current business environment, [Channel 5] have made the decision to change directions and of course, that’s their prerogative.

“We thank them for the wonderful support they’ve given us over the years, but unfortunately, their priorities have changed.

“I’m afraid that’s just the realities of TV land.

“We’ve had wonderful stewardship of a show that’s loved by millions of people, and now we’ve got the responsibility to bring that show home in a way that’s going to make it really, really special.”

Jackie also gave her verdict during an interview with The Project in Australia just days after the news was announced in February, explaining: “It’s been a rollercoaster, absolutely, the last 24 hours or 36 hours, as you can imagine. Kind of a lot of information to try and process.

“I still feel a bit in shock, a bit overwhelmed.

“We had a meeting today where our producers gave us some more information, really nothing more than what’s already been out there, but, look, I have to say, the feeling was one of… it was just, it was quite lovely.

“Everybody is sad. We’re all crying, we’re all very emotional about it all, but we’re all so determined to bring this show home as best we can.”

But will Karl and Susan get the happy ending they’ve always deserved or will there be heartbreak in the future?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

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