Neighbours Hannah star now – quitting acting, Ukraine war and bullying hell
10th May 2022

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Rebecca Ritters is well known as Neighbours star Hannah Martin and was involved in several high profile storylines including the death of her mum Julie.

The actress was eight years old in 1992 when she first appeared on the show as Hannah Martin, and played the character for seven years until 1999.

But since then she has ditched acting and taken a very different path in life.

Rebecca tried her hand at being model in the earlies 2000s – which saw her feature in a number of steamy photoshoots, including posing provocatively in a boob-baring suede halter top and a belt-like mini-skirt.

She also returned to Neighbours for a brief cameo in 2005 and starred in a few episodes of Coronation Street in 2002 as an Aussie backpacker who lived with Les Battersby.

After moving away from acting she had a full-time job as a receptionist at Warner Bros Records.

And these days she is TV journalist and presenter in Berlin, Germany for DW News, where she has recently been to Ukrainian capital Kyiv to report on the country's war with Russia.

Lucky break

Rebecca recalled her memories of the iconic Aussie soap in a recent interview with The Sun and told how she felt fortunate to have landed the role.

She told how she was recommended by a teacher for her part in the soap and never had any acting lessons before, saying it It was "definitely a case of pure luck and being in the right place at the right time".

Rebecca said: "I had a great time while I was on the show, my happiest memories are with the wonderful cast and crew."

But Rebecca endured a hard time at school after being targeted by bullies over her new-found fame.

She said: "I spent seven years on the show until 1999 and it changed the course of my life. I have a lot to thank Neighbours for but it was also difficult.

"At school, it was hard being famous because I was teased and laughed at by the other kids."

But there was a silver lining for Rebecca, as when she visited the UK, where the show is more popular than in Oz, she was given star treatment.

She said: "When I came to London I was treated like a celebrity, it was a completely different world."

Sad to see soap go

Neighbours will end later this year after Channel 5 made the decision to drop the show and no other broadcaster stepped forward to take over airing it.

And Hannah is distraught over the axing of the popular soap

She said: "It’s a sad day knowing that Neighbours may no longer be on UK screens because that is where I believe it’s truly at home."

"It’s hard to explain why it seems to resonate so much with Brits, maybe it’s the escapism of the show or that Neighbours is so different to UK life. Maybe they like it because it’s so cheesy."

But Rebecca is adamant her foray into acting all those years ago has put her in good stead for her career as a news anchor.

She said: "I think the show helped me to be confident in front of the camera and also taught me how to tell stories in an interesting way."

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