NCIS Hawaii delayed: Devastated viewers ‘can’t keep up’ as show goes off air ‘Again?!
19th April 2022

NCIS Hawaii cast celebrate season two renewal

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Since CBS’s procedural spin-off NCIS Hawaii landed on screens in September 2021, viewers have returned to its weekly episode to see Jane Tennent (played by Vanessa Lachey) and her team solve thrilling criminal cases. However, after the latest instalment fans were devastated to discover the show wouldn’t return for another two weeks.

On the latest episode of NCIS Hawaii, the team were faced with a bizarre case after they discovered a Naval environmental officer had been mauled by a predator.

However, they soon learned the animal wasn’t native to Hawaii and had been smuggled onto the island.

While Kai Holmon (Alex Tarrant) joined the search for the animal, the rest of the team worked together to try and find the smuggler.

As the animal had been brought onto the island and killed someone, the person who smuggled it had to be jailed.

The ones searching for the big cat soon tracked it to a cliff which was littered with tranquilisers as well as a person who appeared to have ordered the animal.

As they searched, the group came across paw prints which they followed.

With plans to tranquilise the Big Cat, the NCIS agents scoped the area when they spotted a hut which was also home to a dead deer.

However, the investigation took a surprising turn when they realised they saw signs of Anthrax.

The team soon realised as the deer was a carrier, this meant someone wanted to attempt an act of terrorism in an indoor high-traffic area.

Anthrax inhalation can cause severe difficulty breathing for up to five days and can often be fatal.

After staking out an indoor tourism conference when hundreds travelled to attend, the agents spotted several suspicious men

After arresting them, one tried to run away however Tennant chased and caught him before he could set off the Anthrax detonator.

After the thrilling episode came to an end, the show’s official Twitter page posted: “High-five if you enjoyed that episode – we sure did! See you in two weeks for another all-new.”

This left fans devastated as they were looking forward to tuning into the upcoming episode in a week’s time.

In the comments, the viewers shared their frustration on having to endure another hiatus, this included @SeulddeulgiChae who asked: “ANOTHER TWO WEEKS??!?”

@thskeeta wrote: “Two weeks again? Ughhh”

@_joecorrea_ added: “Two weeks again?”

@ShawandOrder stated: “Another two week hiatus,” alongside a crying emoji.

@ryswilder complained: “I cannot keep up with all these mini hiatus.’”

While @juliahugspandas responded: “This is only forgiven bc we got to see pictures of surfer Kate.”

NCIS Hawaii is available on CBS in the US. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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