NCIS blunder: Fans uncover huge error in Ziva David car crash scene
13th July 2021

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The CBS police drama is one of few shows which first premiered in 2003 and continues to hit screens today. With almost 18 years on air, it’s no wonder fans seem to spot productions errors. This NCIS blunder is from season four and concerns Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo).

Ziva was first introduced to viewers as the Israeli Mossad officer in season three.

She was sent to the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) after the death of special agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) at the hand of Ari Haswari (Rudolf Martin), a rogue Mossad officer turned terrorist.

Despite defending her colleague to Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) she was also secretly in contact with the terrorist and promised to move him out of the country.

Ziva even went to the lengths of employing a courier to help move Ari out of the United States but Tony saw and told Gibbs what he had witnessed.

In the season four episode titled Shalom, Ziva drives her red mini cooper on her way to the NCIS offices.

After witnessing a motorbike cause two vehicles to crash, she bypassed the interrogation and raced the motorbike as it fled.

During the tense high-speed chase, the two vehicles pass a cafe monitored by two FBI agents who she later learns to be Syrian Colonel.

However, Ziva is suddenly stopped in her tracks after a huge blast goes off in the cafe.

This episode is where fans noticed an error which took place back at the scene of the first crash.

Taking to, a viewer wrote: “At the start when the two cars crash and Ziva’s Mini goes out round the crash, colour coded markers (red for the Mini, Blue for the crashed car) are visible on the road.“

These markers were used in the show as an outline for the placement of the vehicles and weren’t supposed to be visible to viewers.

It is a production error as it is obvious markers weren’t part of the road, thanks to the bright colours that were used.

After Ziva stepped out of her car and looked at the wreckage, she drew her gun in case something suspicious popped up.

In the shocking scene, she was approached by a woman who introduced herself as Namir Eschel (Eyal Podell), her former partner from time at Mossad.

After dropping the bombshell news, Namir simply walked away and Ziva was left stunned.

The Syrian informant and two FBI agents at the scene of the explosion died from their injuries.

This caused a huge problem for Ziva as she was forced to go into hiding after it was revealed the FBI wanted her in connection with the blast.

The NCIS had to show their loyalty and investigate the crime to prove her innocence as her alliance with the Israeli terrorism groups was questioned.

With so many episodes over the years, the thrilling series can be forgiven for these small mistakes.

All episodes of NCIS is available to stream on CBS.

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