Naked Attraction ‘toe curling’ confessions exposed as stars ‘desperate’ to strip
25th September 2022

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Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson has shared some "toe-curling" truths with her former co-star.

Anna and interiors design icon Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen both starred on C4's Changing Rooms together last year, where she shared some behind-the-scenes secrets with him off-camera.

When asked if he'd fancy teaming up with her on Naked Attraction, Laurence said: "I mean, I did fine art in art school in art school for five years so I spent a lot of time drawing naked bodies so I probably know more than she does about the naked form.

"She has quite appalling stories about that show which I'm never going to share as I'm sworn to secrecy…

"But everybody on that show is desperate to be on there which begs the big question 'really, you're that keen to show yourself naked?' I always thought they went out to a bus stop to find people but apparently not."

When pressed on what grim stuff Anna had told him, he said: "Some really really bad stuff, listen, I'm not taking a judgment on the human form at all.

"I think lovely things come in all sorts of shapes and packages but it's the personalities of some of the people.

"Literally I'm not worried about the bodies but more about the mindset and some of the stuff they say I can feel my toes curling."

And how would Laurence's wife Jack feel about him taking a role on the show?

"Oh, she would be perfectly happy with it. It's one of the joys of 380 years of marriage, we've seen it all come and go its all marvellous – she and Anna got on very well actually, she's very fond of her."

Talking about his new book, Laurence also joked that it's actually put himself "out of a job" as it tells people not to listen to people like him and to choose for themselves.

Laurance added: "Maximalism feels like it happened overnight but actually I think it comes from the moment we all felt imprisoned inside our grey painted cells and suddenly we realised that didn't reflect who we are.

"People started redecorating using colour and wallpaper and things they found in the attic to make things a very dense and personal space. So, basically, it's the moment when the lunatics take over the design asylum, and I've always been must more lunatic than asylum, so I'm delighted."

The TV legend has just released his new book More More More: Making Maximalism Work in Your Home and Life.

*More More More: Making Maximalism Work in Your Home and Life by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is now available, published by DK at £20

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