Naga Munchetty admits it’s ‘difficult’ hosting BBC as she shares concern with Carol
16th June 2022

Carol Kirkwood says pollen levels are high across the UK

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Naga Munchetty made an admission to Carol Kirkwood about her hayfever on Thursday’s Breakfast following the meteorologist’s weather report from Royal Ascot. Carol told Naga and Charlie Stayt that while temperatures were going to soar, the pollen count across the UK was going to be very high, making it a misery for hayfever sufferers.

“It’s gorgeous here this morning, ” Carol began. “It’s already hot, the sun is absolutely beating down and it is going to get hotter.

“The forecast for the next few days is one of high heat and humidity for many parts of the country.

“Not so much Scotland and Northern Ireland though, and as we head into the weekend, it all breaks down with some thunderstorms.

“So today what we have is a chilly start to the day in Wales, but the temperature is picking up quite quickly.

“And we’re also looking at a bit of cloud coming in across the north and also the west of Scotland and Northern Ireland that’s producing some spots of rain and as we go through the day, that will spread further east.”

Carol went on to tell her co-stars Thursday’s temperatures are set to be hotter than Wednesday, which was recorded as the hottest day of the year so far.

She continued: “So as we go through the rest of the day, you can see how the cloud spreads across Northern Ireland and Scotland bringing in some rain after the sunny start.”

As Carol’s report came to an end, the presenter gave a brief outlook of what viewers can expect from the weather on Friday.

“Lovely to see you there, Carol, are you having a good time?” Naga asked.

“Oh, it’s fabulous,” Carol replied. “I will tell you something I forgot to mention is that the pollen levels are high or very high, almost across the board away from the north of Scotland today.

“So rather we are a bit sniffily here this morning.”

“I’m very sniffily,” Naga continued as she admitted to struggling with the weather.

“I thoroughly sympathise with anyone who has hayfever this morning, it is difficult.”

As the segment came to a close, Naga aired her concerns for Carol as she told her to, “take care” with her hayfever and the soaring temperatures.

She also told her co-star to make sure she is, “Drinking lots of water.”

Later on, the BBC Breakfast presenter admitted to Charlie that she was going through loads of tissues.

Elsewhere in the programme, Naga made a brutal swipe at her co-star when she spoke about her choice of hats at Royal Ascot.

“Now listen, I’m sure you’ll tell me off but remembering this but I thought you were going to have four hats,” Naga pointed out.

“I was but we decided just to stick with three,” Carol replied. “Less is more but can I show you the back of this one?”

Taking a cheeky swipe at her co-star, Naga joked: “I always think the back of your head looks much better.”

“Just get rid of my face,” Carol replied as Naga laughed: “Carol, I love you.

“I’m scared when I see you next, it is beautiful, it’s absolutely stunning.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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