My 600lb Life fans accuse Stephanie of ‘playing the victim’
9th March 2023

TLC's My 600-lb Life: Stephanie Smith's weight loss journey

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My 600lb Life returned to TLC on Thursday and introduced Stephanie Smith who was determined to lose enough weight for bariatric surgery. Despite her initial motivations, Stephanie was quickly slammed by viewers as she refused to follow Dr Now’s orders. 

In the beginning, Stephanie wanted to gain control of her weight, but she recognised her weight of 611lb could hinder her quality of life. 

Unlike most patients, she had the support of her mother and stepfather but later admitted the weight loss program wasn’t for her.  

This baffled fans as the star opened up about her triggers and trauma, only to ignore Dr Now’s weight loss plan to qualify for bariatric surgery. 

Viewers took to Twitter to slam the reality star for wasting Dr Now’s time.

A fuming @Bojanglesbanana  tweeted: “‘I’ve been treated unfairly’ yeah by yourself. Stop playing the victim card.”

@MoparJade added: “This is true delusion – why come back if you know you haven’t been doing the work.”

A suspicious @Nikki1920_99 speculated: “Stephanie is clearly snacking when no one is looking bc there is no way she’s not losing weight.”

A fourth viewer @AnzaForbes1 stated: “She out here wasting all of our time. You right Dr Now.”

@MoparJade raged: “Oh this b***h blocked Dr. Now? I knew she was going to be a time waster.”

While @whychellymo remarked: “This woman has driven and flown to Houston three f’n times and only lost 15lbs???” (sic)

Throughout the episode, Stephanie revealed her parent’s divorce was a difficult time for her and as a child, she turned to food for comfort. 

Stephanie’s life then led to “devastation,” after her dad’s death, as the family financially struggled so much it led to her being placed in foster care.

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She explained: “They took me into foster care because my mom didn’t have a proper place for us to live. 

“I get told [my dad] died and then I get taken away from my mom. It [was] like I lost two parents in the same day.”

Stephanie was initially eager to lose weight for her kids but when she didn’t lose enough in five months Dr Now hit back at her excuses. 

During their appointment, he stated: “It’s been five months since I saw you last and made several phone calls, you never answer them, so what is going on with you?

The reality star revealed: “I was just dealing with my kid’s schools and I had gotten sick for a few weeks with covid.” 

When Dr Now asked: “That took five months?” she responded: “No, I was dealing with my kids in school and my oldest son having some medical issues of his own.

Although Stephanie claimed she still wanted to lose weight, she failed to lose 50lb in two months and later decided against the programme. 

Despite this, she was still determined to make some changes amid slow progress.

My 600lb Life continues Wednesdays on TLC.

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