MTV Star Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio Advises Bristol Palin to 'Shut Up,' 'Stop Whining' Over 'Teen Mom OG' Editing
23rd December 2018

“Her life’s been a reality television show,” the regular “Challenge” competitor argues. “You knew what you were doing.”

MTV reality veteran Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio says Bristol Palin needs to "shut up" and "stop whining" about her disapproval of her portrayal on "Teen Mom OG."

While appearing on the "Hollywood Pipeline" podcast Thursday, the former "Real World" star was asked if he had an advice for Palin, who recently slammed MTV for "inaccuracies and false narratives" on her show. In response, Devenanzio called out Palin, arguing that MTV can’t "create footage" and that the reality star knew what she was "signing up for."

"Shut up. Like honestly Bristol, would you just stop whining?" said Devenanzio, who has made a career out of reality TV as a regular competitor on MTV’s "The Challenge" and other shows. "You’re on an MTV show about kids that made bad decisions early on in life and are in dysfunctional relationships. There’s no way to edit that in a positive way, there just isn’t."

"Have you ever watched ‘Teen Mom’ before?" he continued. "There’s not a whole lot of feel good stories coming out of there. If you wanted a feel good story, you should have went on Oxygen or OWN."

Devenanzio and one of the podcast’s host, Dax Holt, pointed out that Palin should understand how reality shows work by now, as Palin, 28, has appeared on programs like "Bristol Palin: Life’s a Trip" and her mom’s show "Sarah Palin’s Alaska."

"Her life’s been a reality television show," Devenanzio said. "We got enough of this, hearing your mom whining about the press and the publicity that she got and how it wasn’t accurate. Forge a different path … you knew what you were doing."

"You can’t get yourself involved in a show like this, put yourself out there and then get upset when you’re not being edited or portrayed the way you want to be," he added. "That’s what reality television is. Reality television is the biggest misnomer ever because there’s nothing real about it."

The TV personality continued, "They are going to take the topics, the situations that create the most drama, the most friction, that are going to draw the most eye balls there, and they are going to air that."

Devenanzio was asked if the person we see on screen is the real Palin. Although he said he wasn’t sure, Devenanzio said that he always takes anyone’s portrayal on reality TV with a "grain of salt."

"I know with me a lot of times, the way that they’re portraying me, isn’t necessarily 100 percent accurate," Devenanzio said. "I know if there’s doing that to me, they’re probably doing that to other people as well."

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