Moving theory about Carl’s bow tie in Disney’s Up will break your heart
4th March 2019

Up is one of the most heartbreaking Disney movies ever, and that’s saying something when you remember they killed Bambi’s mum.

The Disney/Pixar film shows the utter devotion of Carl and Ellie, a married couple as they age in a touching montage.

We see their life sped up, showing them going through life’s ups and downs including not being able to have children (we still well up at that).

We then see Carl’s devastation as Ellie gets ill and dies.

Well, if you thought you were done crying, think again. Get those tissues ready.

One fan took to Twitter after watching Up again to share a theory.

If you watch the scenes with Ellie and Carl again, you’ll see she ties his tie over and over – he wore a lot of eccentric ties. Then we see Carl at her funeral, but he’s wearing a bow tie.

Bryan’s theory is after years of Ellie looking after him and tying his tie for him he now can’t tie it for himself and has to wear a bow tie.

It’s another sign of how Ellie has left a whole in his life.

Fans couldn’t stop crying after hearing his theory.

But there’s a flaw in the theory. In the last scene Ellie ties his bow tie.

Instead, some fans have argued, we should look at the colour change. As we said already, Carl’s ties were wacky and colourful when Ellie was around, she brought joy to his life.

When she dies we switch to a simple black, a more sombre colour showing he’s mourning her.

If we wanted to take that even further, Ellie actually ties the black bow tie for him – it’s the last one she ties for him. Does Carl wear his dark bow tie in memory of her? As in that’s the last one she tied for him and now he can’t bring himself to take it off.

BUT that’s not the end of the theories.

It is true that Ellie seems to opt for the bow tie when they start aging.

If you’re not broken yet, now is the time to remember the Up theory that suggested Carl was actually dead. He died at the beginning of the movie and everything we see after is him in heaven. As to when he died, well that would be after the court tells him he needs to leave the house and move to a retirement home. Russell would be Carl’s guardian angel.

Ok that’s it, we’re done. If you need us we’ll be sobbing in a corner somewhere.

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