Morbius trailer: Is Spider-Man in Morbius? Trailer gives MAJOR clue
14th January 2020

The genesis of the new Morbius movie is fairly confusing – as it both exists in the Sony Marvel Universe but, some reports have suggested, may also link to the MCU as owned by Disney. It has been suggested the new Sony-Disney deal will mean Morbius can mention MCU events, though some think it will be even more than that. So will Spider-Man be in the Morbius movie, since a deal has been struck between companies?

Is Spider-Man in Morbius?

At present, it is difficult to say whether Spider-Man will feature in Morbius.

For a while, fans believed it would be the case that these two movies exist entirely separately, as has been the way so far.

However, it looks as though things may be changing between Sony and Disney in their new deal.

FandomWire reported the upcoming Morbius movie will be part of the MCU, saying their facts came from anonymous sources.

The source reportedly said one particular connection will bridge the popular superhero franchise and Morbius: JK Simmons’ contemporary take on J Jonah Jameson.

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The newspaper editor of old became a “fake news” blogger when he made a surprise cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home last year.

Of course, fans will remember how Simmons played this role in the Toby Maguire days of Spider-Man, so how this things will come together is unclear.

However, other than these supposed clues, the trailer has also made a suggestion about how Spider-Man could crop up in this movie.

What has the trailer revealed about Spider-Man’s return in Morbius?

At the beginning of the trailer, there is one clue which suggests there may be some crossover – the film opens with the card “In association with Marvel.”

This has not been done before in this way, so this could spell a new beginning for the two studios.

we see Jared Leto’s character, Michael Morbius, struggling to walk and being consistently experimented on to try and cure him of his rare blood disease.

His mentor, played by Jared Harris, tells him: “Michael, I’ve known you since you were a child.

“You have  gift, you always have. If there’s an answer to the disease, you’ll find it.”

He then heads abroad to a frightening island to try something which he calls “not exactly legal,” an ancient ritual where he cuts his hand before a huge colony of bats swarm him.

After this, he says he feels “more alive than ever,” however he is plagued by a vampiric desire.


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While he has clearly developed powers, including super speed and the use of echo-location, he also has an “overwhelming” desire for blood.

He is then seen trying to escape police and other law enforcement, as his thirst for blood clearly leads him to go on some form of rampage.

His friend, played by Matt Smith, is also spotted, though he seems completely unaffected by the blood disease the pair apparently share.

This could be a sign that his mate has gone through some similar life-altering medicine in order to lose the effects – meaning more threat and confusion for Morbius could be coming soon.

After all of this takes place, there is one moment which suggests a crossover with the MCU, and it comes in the form of Michael Keaton.

Fans will remember Michael Keaton as the main bad guy in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as he played Adrian Toomes, AKA Vulture, a salvager who turns into an arms dealer and inventor after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.


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He hated Spider-Man, and tried to kill him after it was discovered that he was dealing deadly weapons all over town.

At the end of Morbius, he returns, and gives Michael a bit of unnecessary advice.

While dressed in prison gear, some of which we see Morbius in throughout the trailer, Vulture tells Michael: “Michael Morbius.

“Tired doing the whole good guy thing huh? What’s up, Doc?”

Clearly this was an intentional moment, and the pair may even be set to join up to come up against Spider-Man in the future.

But this scene does suggest we may be seeing the return of Peter Parker in this Sony/MCU crossover – could it be Spider-Man who takes him down once and for all?

This also shows how Sony movies will be making reference to Spider-Man and the MCU in future movies, meaning we could even see some other characters crop up in the canon.


Who is in the cast of Morbius?

Jared Leto plays Michael Morbius, a scientist suffering from a rare blood disease who attempts to cure himself but instead becomes afflicted with a form of vampirism.

His fiancee, Martine Bancroft, is played by Adria Arjona while his friend, Loxias Clown, is played by Doctor Who’s Matt Smith.

Clown also suffers from the blood disease, and it is unclear what his character could become.

Jared Harris plays Morbius’s mentor, while Tyrese Gibson plays Simon Stroud, an FBI agent hunting Morbius, and Al Madrigal plays Stroud’s partner Alberto Rodriguez.

Morbius is out in cinemas on July 31

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