Monty Don misses Gardeners’ World after opening up on ‘much missed’ loved one
3rd September 2023

Monty Don presents Gardeners’ World

Monty Don is missing Gardeners’ World after addressing the death of his “much missed” pooch, Brenda, in a rare social media post.

While the tiny canine never appeared on Gardeners’ World, Brenda was one of two miniature dachshunds he kept at Longmeadow.

Monty is known for his love of dogs and often offers gardening advice to viewers alongside his two golden retrievers, Ned and Nellie.

The 68-year-old is occasionally joined by his Yorkshire terrier Patti on the popular BBC Two programme.

Gardeners’ World, which is scheduled to air on BBC Two at 9pm this evening (Thursday, August 31) but Monty is not appearing on the programme.

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Instead, presenter Adam Frost will be taking viewers through some late-season tips as autumn swiftly approaches.

He will be taking stock of his garden under the supervision of Ash the cat.

Meanwhile, Frances Tophill visits a garden in Kent where the plants provide a non-stop buffet for insects.

Host Nick Bailey heads to the Cornish coastline to learn more about hardy palms elsewhere in the episode.

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A synopsis for the episode reads: “There’s a chef-turned-gardener who loves to grow all manner of unusual tasty crops.

“And there’s a visit to a sloping garden in Swansea for some top design tips. Plus more of the amazing films that have been sent in by viewers.”

There is no mention of Monty appearing on the show, so it seems unlikely he will make an appearance.

Monty addressed losing Brenda earlier this week after Gardeners’ World shared an adorable snap of her on Twitter.

“Ah lovely picture of Brenda,” the horticulturist penned in a tweet. “Much missed.”

Monty lost another dog a few years ago when his golden retriever Nigel died.

Nigel used to appear alongside Monty during his segments filmed in Longmeadow before his death in 2020.

Gardeners’ World continues tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

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