Money Heist: Who is Alicia Sierra’s husband? Fans are convinced it’s Berlin
6th April 2020

Money Heist season four is now airing on Netflix and sees the return of hardline police inspector Alicia Sierra (played by Naiwa Nimri). However, in La Casa de Papel part four, more was revealed about who her husband is – and viewers are convinced it could be a familiar face.

Who was Alicia Sierra’s husband in Money Heist?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Money Heist part 4.

Police inspector Alicia Sierra has been one of Money Heist’s most enigmatic characters so far in the show.

The pregnant officer is known for her brutality and extreme hatred of the gang committing the heists.

However, it was only in episode four of season four when viewers found out more about her life, and in particular her husband.

In a tense interrogation scene with Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), she revealed her husband German had died of cancer.


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She said: “He’s dead. Cancer of the pancreas. The kind where they tell you you have two months and it’s two months.

“I was getting fat, he was getting thin. I was pink and he was yellow. It consumed him.

“Life grew inside me and death grew in him. But I guess that’s cancer.

“Do you know the last thing he said to me? Can you believe his last words were ‘Turn on the news.’”

Following the speech, some fans were convinced her husband sounded very familiar.

As viewers know, (Berlin Pedro Alonso) revealed he was dying of a mysterious disease as well in the show.

And could the news he wanted to see have something to do with the heist gang?

As well as this, given the closeness of his name as German, fans have been drawing connections between the two.

User dacnien posted on Reddit: “So can we confirm that Berlin is Sierra husband?

“His name was German. But the timeline doesn’t make sense how she got pregnant from two years ago unless Berlin was able to stay alive. If it is the case Sierra = Tatiana.”


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The idea that Berlin’s wife Tatania (Diana Gómez) and Alicia may be linked is not a new theory as it first emerged during season three.

At the time user renzoazriel wrote: “Are they the same person? Sierra doesn’t seem to be shocked by the plays of the professor so I’m thinking that they’re the same person.”

Fan okinez also speculated: “Berlin’s girlfriend. Is Tatiana and Alicia the same person?”

However, despite how intriguing it sounds, there are a lot of inconsistencies about this theory in the show.

The first is how viewers have seen what Tatania looks like in the series so far, where she is played by Diana Gómez.

This is a completely different actress to the one who plays Alicia in La Casa de Papel.

As well as this, Berlin seemed to have died at the end of the initial heist when his body was riddled with bullets, rather than of the illness he had.


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This is one of the many questions fans will be left to think over following the end of season four on Netflix.

The series ended as Lisbon managed to find her way into the bank before Alicia turned up with a gun pointed at the professor’s head.

The fifth season of the show has not yet been announced but given the ending, it seems very likely.

What’s more, the dramatic cliffhanger also proves viewers could find out a lot more about Alicia when it finally lands.

Money Heist part 4 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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