Moira Dingle makes a huge sex mistake in Emmerdale
14th August 2019

Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) has been playing with fire as farmhand Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) has got under her skin, but now is she about to get badly burned when she leaps directly into the flames of passion?

The sexual tension between her and Nate has been palpable for weeks, with her trying to sabotage his relationship with Amy to ensure she had him to herself. The pair came close to stepping way over the point of no return in the barn before Cain (Jeff Hordley) showed up, but Moira is growing weaker by the day, she can’t restrain herself any longer.

Moira is left feeling uneasy when Nate starts winding Cain up and finds herself trying to prove to him her marriage is solid by arranging a sexy date with her husband. But as she gets ready for her night of passion with Cain, Nate walks in and, seeing her dressed to the nines, can’t help himself.

He goes in for the kiss and Moira doesn’t even try to pull away.

Their moment of naughtiness is interrupted as Cain arrives and Nate is forced to hide. Moira manages to get rid of him, but warns Nate nothing can happen. She loves her husband and that’s that.

Except of course it isn’t, and Moira can’t deny the sexual tension any longer. She throws herself into making her marriage work, but in the process pushes herself towards Nate. When Cain heads off for drinks down the pub, she has the house to herself. With Cain away and her resistance dropping, Moira does the unthinkable and gives in to her feelings, heading into the barn with Nate and getting frisky in the hay.

Will Cain come back and find them at it? Has Nate just sealed his fate by trying to steal the Dingle’s wife? Or will Nate and Moira carry on their illicit affair behind Cain’s back?

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