Married At First Sight UK star John Joe’s ‘Victoria’s Secret model ex’ revealed
10th October 2023

Married At First Sight UK star John Joe "JJ" Slater surprised viewers when he mentioned his ex-girlfriend's career as a Victoria's Secret model during the reality show.

Now, the identity of his apparent former flame has been unveiled.

JJ, a 30-year-old clothing brand owner, joined the E4 show in hopes of finding love, sharing his preference for "good looks" in a partner.

He previously enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles before returning to the UK. On the show, he compared his model ex to his wife, Bianca Petronzi, and revealed the pain of a breakup stemming from alleged infidelity.

The model JJ referred to as his girlfriend is none other than Kelsie Jean Smeby, a fashion model with over 1 million Instagram followers. She has worked with renowned fashion brands such as Guess and Fashion Nova.

A show insider told MailOnline: "He had a wild and life enhancing experience out there where he mixed with some real A-listers. JJ was loved up with Kelsie until the relationship broke down in the worst possible way for him. It's the reason why his pals were hoping he was matched with a totally different type of girl on MAFS."

JJ's social media accounts are filled with images and videos featuring Kelsie from 2019. JJ has posted snaps of their dates, from meals to club outings, during their relationship before the heartbreak.

Reflecting on his past relationship, JJ confessed on Married At First Sight: "My ex was a Victoria's Secret model and amazing to look at… I loved going out with her, she was really, really, really pretty, and the relationship was pretty wild. At the time, I definitely thought that I was in love with her, but if you're going to play with fire then expect to get burnt.

“She cheated on me, it was horrible, and it hurt me a lot, and it was probably one of the worst things that I've been through. I have been chasing the wrong type of girl, and I'm aware of that now."

The Essex boy had been in a year-long relationship with the model before they split and reached out to let her know his MAFS UK news. “She’s moved on as well so she was fine with it but I wanted to tell her,” he admits.

On the show, JJ has been matched with Bianca, who has questioned his commitment to their marriage, given his admission that she isn't his "usual type."

Things got off to a rocky start for the pair, as he said it "wasn't love at first sight" and that Bianca wasn't like the girls he usually goes for.

Meanwhile, Bianca described meeting JJ at the end of the aisle felt like a “breath of fresh air”.

“I think with JJ I got some things I asked for and some things I didn’t but at our wedding, I just accepted him completely for who he was there and then,” she said. “I didn’t care about tattoos or height and all that. This is what I got and I’m just happy with that.”

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