Married At First Sight Australia's Ines Basic admits faking fights and repeating lines fed to her by producers on show
4th March 2021

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Ines Basic has dropped a bombshell about how she acted out fake fights and repeated lines fed to her by producers on the show.

Ines – who became the so-called villain of series six – says she was told she'd be portrayed as "the funny one" on the hit series.

But fans she quickly became known to UK viewers as "the worst bridge ever" – and has even received death threats over Instagram. 

Now she has claimed her boat fight with husband Bronson Norrish on their honeymoon was scripted.

She says a producer told her to threaten to cut Bronson's parasail so he would "sail away into the sky".

Defending her behaviour, which fans slammed as "cruel", Ines told the Unpopular podcast: "That boat scene, half of that was scripted by my producer.

"That was my producer, half of that was so fake!"

The 31-year-old added: "I had a bad experience over in Mexico with a similar activity, so I already had anxiety about it.

"You know when you're so stressed out and you're literally having a panic attack? You can't talk to anyone, you don't want to be near anyone.

"But what you couldn't see on [Bronson's] end was him pushing me and pushing me, and they didn't air that, but on his end he's pushing my buttons and making it worse.

"And then I just snapped. So that part where I snapped and said 'shut up' that was real, but the rest, my producer was like 'amp it up!'"

Ines broke down in tears in the finale of Married At First Sight Australia as she reflected on her behaviour throughout the series.

She stole Sam Ball from Elizabeth Sobinoff after embarking on affair in front of the cameras.

But Sam ended up being scared off when Ines said she saw a future with him.

He failed to turn up to the series finale to face the music as his shocked co-stars watched the cheating scandal unfold.

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